Key Takeaways From Dr. Dennis Gross Masterclass At SEPHORiA

Sephora’s SEPHORiA: House of Beauty extravaganza was glitzy, glamorous, and the company’s first-ever beauty convention. Simply put: the two-day celebration was a major hit and gave both clients and top brands the opportunity to connect in a more intimate (and fabulous) environment.

Housed in The Majestic Downtown Los Angeles structure, three floors were dedicated to all things beauty and countless Instagrammable photo-ops presented themselves ‘round every corner. And while the venue was playful, there was an educational element woven in with masterclass offerings.

Cue Dr. Dennis Gross himself and The Skinny Confidential’s Lauryn Evarts:

For one hour the dynamic duo spoke to a room filled with well-informed skincare junkies who couldn’t take their eyes off the masterclass stage. DG and Lauryn kicked off the session with DDG’s brand mission and then did a deep dive into skin types, skin disorders, and key ingredients to look for and use. The importance of keeping skin in balance was emphasized and Dr. Gross explained how it is never too early or too late to find and adhere to an effective skincare regimen. Questions were asked on both sides, answers given, and live consultations were conducted by Dr. Gross on models. The demo helped guide the attentive audience on  which Dr. Dennis Gross products to begin using, why, and in which order.

Time flew by and after the class the audience was encouraged to comment their key takeaway(s) on both our Instagram account and Lauryn’s for a chance to win a bundle of DDG products!

Here are comments that stood out to us, including the winner’s, Jackie Creighton: 

The masterclass attendees were not the only ones left with a key takeaway from this unforgettable experience: 

“The Sephora master class audience was a highly energized and sophisticated group. Some were junior scientists, others were young beginners and some were actual professional aestheticians. All of them were excited to learn higher level clinical concepts to achieve even more beautiful and healthy skin. I applaud Sephora for having the vision to use education as means to advance skin wellness for their clients.” – Dr. Gross

SEPHORiA 2018 was incredible, and the Dr Dennis Gross team cannot wait to see what SEPHORiA 2019 has in store.

Still have skincare questions that were not addressed in the masterclass? Go to ASK THE DOCTOR and ask us anything and submit a photo!

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