Treat Pimple Emergencies FAST With The New DRx SpotLite™

Meet the newest addition to our DRx family: SpotLite™  Acne Treatment Device! Compact and portable, SpotLite™ harnesses the power of FDA-CLEARED blue and red LED light technology to target, treat, and prevent acne at all stages – anytime, anywhere. In as little as three minutes a day, clinically proven SpotLite™   will help you achieve clearer, calmer, acne-free skin.

Inspired by Dr. Gross’ 5th Avenue LED medical treatments, SpotLite™  is equipped with one blue LED light and one red LED light that work in unison to rapidly reduce inflammation, redness, and blemishes. Blue light stimulates receptors within P. acnes bacteria causing an energy transfer that leads to free radical formation; these free radicals then work to destroy the P. acnes bacteria clogging your pores without irritating skin. Red light calms redness, minimizes inflammation, and reduces risk of scarring. 

100% of participants in a 2-week daily use clinical study reported some improvement in the reduction of acne. So what are you waiting for? Go Discover our NEW SpotLite™ Acne Treatment Device and say bye-bye to congested, bacteria-ridden pores and hello to healthier-looking skin.

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