How To Manage Acne Prone Skin For A Sweltering Summer

DG team members Myrna Daher and Derenisse Infante have acne prone skin, and while these two ladies enjoy summertime sun and outdoor activities, their skin does not.

To keep excess oil at bay, prevent future breakouts, treat current blemishes and ensure that skin is hydrated and protected, Myrna and Derenisse shared their foolproof summer skincare regimen.

Below is a routine that will tackle all your acne woes and keep skin clear, calm, and under control.

Rise and (Combat) Shine with 5 steps in under 5 minutes:

Bonus tip: If you’re planning on using foundation post-SPF application, use what Myrna refers to as “heaven sent” Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur Mask. Before putting on foundation, smooth the sulfur mask over problem areas for a primer and a treatment.


Now go enjoy your blemish and carefree summer skin!

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