Skin Talk: Michelle and Susan From The Misu Fix

The beauty-loving duo behind The Misu Fix. We catch up with the makeup aficionados to talk all things skin–from their AM to PM routines, to the products that they can’t live without.

Tell us about yourselves, who you are, what makes you unique? We’d like to get to know you.

Hi! We are beauty bloggers who have loved and experimented with makeup for over 10 years. Our passion for beauty has brought us together as friends. Our brand, The Misu Fix, combines both our names – MIchelle & SUsan. We started blogging because we wanted to share our honest, unfiltered experiences with products. We have also evolved to begin sharing makeup and skincare application tips in the forms of video tutorials and classes.


Why is healthy skin so important to you?

Healthy skin is a lifestyle choice – it starts from the inside out. Not only does it help you look great, but it makes you feel great, too. Taking care of our skin has allowed us to wear less coverage on a daily basis, which saves us time and gives our skin a chance to breathe. Not to mention the youthful glow of fresh, pampered skin!


What is the best beauty tip you’ve ever received?

Keep your food choices clean! Diet can change so much. We’ve noticed when we cut down on sugary drinks, processed snacks, and alcohol, our skin is able to thrive.


What’s your Top 5 ‘can’t-live- without’ beauty products?

Michelle: This is hard! We have tested so many products and have so many favorites. We absolutely love the Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peels. Immediately after using these peels our skin feels smoother and more even toned. I love the Ole Henricksen Foaming Cleanser for day time cleansing and Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturizer for a day time moisturizer. Since I have dark circles, I love the Spectralite Eye Care Pro for a quick 3 minute anti aging regimen.

Susan: I’m a big fan of the Drunk Elephant Marula oil and C-Firma Day serum. I also love the DDGS Alpha Beta Peels, Hyaluronic Marine moisturizer, and Hyaluronic Marine eye gel. Can I just give a quick shoutout to DDGS for making eye creams in a tube with a pump?! So, so convenient and hygienic.


What is your definition of the *ultimate* skincare regimen?

We are big fans of Korean multi-step skincare routines. During the day, we require light weight skincare and SPF that we can wear under makeup. A gentle cleanser, gel moisturizer, eye cream, and SPF are vital for our daytime routine. At night, we like to double cleanse – first with an oil-based cleanser, then a foaming one. After, we like to layer products that target our different concerns to achieve that plump, glowing, and even skin we love. A serum, moisturizer, eye cream, and facial oil are a must! We also like to throw in an exfoliator, clay mask, or sheet mask a few times a week. You will see results – you just have to find the right products that have good chemistry with your skin and be consistent!


Do you have a favorite Dr. Dennis Gross product? Tell us why!

Yes! As mentioned previously, we absolutely love the Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peels. In just a short period of time, imperfections and blemishes fade away and leave your skin looking even and fresh.

What beauty advice would you give to your younger self?

Wear sunscreen!!! And stop worrying about the latest trends. Do what suits you!


Describe your thoughts on Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare in 5 words.

Anti-aging, Effective, Hydrating, Innovative, and Radiant


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