#PeelAddict: The Acid Count For Every Skin Concern

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Let’s get scientific for a minute. After a 12-hour day, our pores are suffocating with dirt and oil and unfortunately, it’s not just on the surface. Before you reach for that thick, abrasive scrub consider this: chemical exfoliants not only remove surface oils, but penetrate deep into the epidermis, targeting the pores from the bottom up, creating a long-term benefit for your skin. The thought of putting acid on something so sensitive, can be scary. However, it’s all about maintaining a balance with concentration and neutralization.

Alpha Beta Daily Peels use oil soluble Beta Hydroxy Acids and skin-refining Alpha Hydroxy Acids in a super-balanced skin cocktail. Each packet contains two pre-soaked pads full of ingredients to refine and soothe your skin to help it maintain that perfect pH balance. Step 1 uses AHAs and BHAs that sink into the epidermis to improve cell-turnover, even skin tone, and clean out impurities. Step 2 uses anti-agers and soothing botanicals to protect against harmful free-radicals while nourishing and neutralizing the AHA/BHA blend. The result of consistent use? Silky, glowing skin that will look and feel beautiful.

Whether your goal is to resurrect radiance or refine your pores, we have an option for you:

If you’re sensitive try: Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Peel with 3 essential acids and colloidal oatmeal to soothe while nourishing the skin.

If you’re normal try: Alpha Beta Universal Peel–our original 5 acid formula gives you the perfect measure to exfoliate away old skin cells making way for fresh, glowing skin.

If you’re oily try: Alpha Beta Extra Strength Peel: a blend of 7 acids in a powerful formula that will accelerate results.

If you want extra anti-aging benefits: Use the Ferulic + Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Peel twice a week as an alternative to your Alpha Beta Peel to banish fine lines and wrinkles.

If you want that extra dose: Use Alpha Beta Medi-Spa Peel once a week for a powerful treatment–straight off Dr. Gross’ spa menu. With 15 acids, this peel is perfectly potent to satisfy your skincare craving.

Still skeptical? Perfect your peel routine with our go-to guide.

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