Skin Talk: Holly Fulton

Meet Holly Fulton. Known for her passion for pattern, she’s the London-based designer behind the self-titled fashion label. We caught up with the ‘queen of prints’ about her beauty go-to’s and London Fashion Week skincare survival guide.

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You put your stamp on the fashion industry with your mix of whimsical prints and textile.  How would you describe your SS’18 experience?

SS’18 was a revelation for us; this season we showcased our work in a different way and incorporated interiors into our presentation at London Fashion Week. It has long been an aspiration of the brand to showcase in a whole Holly Fulton environment rather than just putting clothes out there on their own and I feel we really achieved that goal this season. I love applying pattern to everything so it was a delight to move into new product categories and evolve creatively in that way too.

It was very signature Holly Fulton; lots of my beloved monochrome, luxurious fabrics, serious jewels  and a sense of fun!

The rising collaboration of the fashion and tech industries is undeniable. What role has the connection played in the creation of your line?

I love embracing new technologies, materials, techniques; this is one of the primary things that inspires me and motivates my own design work. Working with other experts in their fields and accessing their knowledge is incredibly inspirational and it interests and intrigues me to see what developments are occurring within the tech sector. It’s inevitable that crossover will occur now; we work a lot with high tech fabrics and techniques to create our womenswear and also our new interiors line. Laser cutting has always been a big process for us and our signature involves a lot of 3-D surfaces that this employs.

Through the whole team that works on the show, from beauty to footwear, tech is a very prominent influence. It’s always important to remember it’s not just me that makes the show happen, it’s the whole team and all our amazing partners. It is an incredible journey to embrace what they represent and utilize through our collaborations.

From the late nights to early mornings, a hectic agenda can do quite a number on the skin. What’s your secret to a fresh, glowing face after a nonstop line up?

I drink a lot of water; I feel rotten if I don’t now and I do believe that really helps. I cut out coffee a few years ago and definitely noticed a change then. It’s inevitable that you will look a little ragged but it’s also amazing what a lovely red lip will disguise; it’s my favorite for drawing away from a tired face! I’m quite pale as I’m Scottish so I need a little highlight on my face to stop me from looking like a ghost.

I am not great at a huge beauty routine in the morning and evening but religiously moisturize and remove my make up (like Dr Gross always says!) I always keep my hands well-moisturized as they take a lot of punishment with sewing and I love a mask that I can use quickly to give me a perk up.

I try not to eat any junk anymore, it’s easy to think pizza looks like a good idea every morning at 7AM after a long night, and I definitely noticed my skin improved after that. We all fall off the wagon sometimes but generally I try to keep it healthy these days and feel a lot better for it.

What backstage beauty tips do you put to use on and off of the runway?

I am lucky to work with some amazing sponsors and artists and like to take advice from the experts as I’m not that well-versed in beauty regimes! This season will be mainly about eyes for me; we had fabulous cat eye make up by Andrew Gallimore at the show and I’ll be begging him for a tutorial whilst doing my best to replicate.

Working with skin care sponsors for the first time has been a revelation; I turn 40 in a few weeks so was I eager to try my SpectraLite in advance of this to perk me up after the long nights of LFW and also get me radiant to step in to my fourth decade! The thing I’ve learned from all the beauty professionals and skin care experts we have worked with is  it’s never too late to start taking care of yourself and this last year has been a beauty revelation for me.

Leading up to LFW, what go-to items are in your survival bag?

At least 3 litres of water a day,  plenty of ginger and manuka honey, lavender slumber gel, eight hour cream. I keep my red lipstick and Dr. Gross wrinkle recovery pads on standby to make me look a fraction less tired before any interviews!

Describe your fashion week regimen in five words or less.

Survival of the well hydrated.

What beauty advice would you give to your younger self?

Invest in proper powder rather than thinking it is a good idea to use talc as a base, moisturize often.  I also  don’t think its a good idea to apply toothpaste to your spots!  Most of all believe in yourself; there are all different kinds of beauty, not one right and wrong way, and nothing will make you look more beautiful then believing in yourself and trusting your own judgement.

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