VIDEO: Better Together – Peel + Retinol

What is PEEL+?

PEEL+ is a new way to think about how to get the most beautiful, healthy looking skin possible. When applied after the our patented two-step Alpha Beta® Peels , skin-loving ingredients, such as retinol, Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, work even better to deliver their own powerfully-proven benefits.

Why PEEL+ Ferulic + Retinol?

Speed Treat Age. Ferulic + Retinol repairs wrinkles with a unique blend of antioxidants to put the brakes on signs of aging.  Ferulic Acid, an antioxidant found in nature, boosts the power of retinol while making it gentle enough for all skin types.  By combining the power of a peel plus Ferulic + Retinol, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation disappear.

Discover the layering philosophy here.

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