Better Together: Peel + Hyaluronic Acid

What is PEEL+?

PEEL+ is a new way to think about how to get the most beautiful, healthy looking skin possible. When applied after the our patented two-step Alpha Beta® Peels , skin-loving ingredients, such as retinol, Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, work even better to deliver their own powerfully-proven benefits.

Why PEEL+ Hyaluronic Marine?

Jump Start Plump.  Boost skin’s moisture content and get that bounce back with hyaluronic acid.  This naturally-occurring ingredient, found in our bodies holds 1000x its weight in water!  Our dedicated Hyaluronic Marine collection leaves your skin dewy, soft, smooth and hydrated around the clock. By combining the power of a peel plus hyaluronic acid, fine lines and dryness are history.

Learn more about the layering philosophy here.

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