What a Night Out Does to Your Skin

It’s Sunday morning.  You had an amazing night out on the town, and the aftermath is written all over your face. We’ve all been there–from the puffy eyes to enlarged pores and lack-luster complexion.  Never fear, below we break down the causes of post-party dehydration and the tips to keep that dull, blotchy skin in check. You’ll get your glow back in no time.

Face the Music

Ever wonder what’s beneath the skins surface after a night of drinking? Truth be told, the impact can hinder your pursuit for perfect skin. Like any other diuretic, alcohol dehydrates both our bodies and our skin. The result? The loss of your plump, dewy complexion and the appearance of drawn, pleated skin.

Waking up after a night out isn’t always pretty. From puffiness to acne breakouts, a night of partying throws your system out of balance.  In order to process the alcohol intake, our bodies divert blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients away from the skin to our vital organs. This action has action causes poor circulation to the skin and the creation of extra blood vessels.

While we attempt to sleep off the effects of the night before, the alcohol-dilated capillaries leak circulatory fluids into our tissues, causing the skin to swell–hence those puffy eyes and inflamed cheeks. The good news? An increase of water intake hydrates the skin and helps that headache.  And as we start moving throughout the day, our blood flow becomes normalized and our puffiness, along with dark circles, will fade.

Sweating It Out on the Dance Floor

Those hours of dancing  come with a price–perspiration that is. Since it’s the release of toxins from your body, an active night out means you’re literally sweating the alcohol out of your system. Those toxins then sit on the surface of your skin until you wash them off, creating irritation and clogging pores.

Hitting the Sheets

It’s fair to say that your skincare regime has gone out the window after a fun-filled night. Hitting the sheets with a full face is a surefire ticket to blemishes and irritation. Once makeup becomes impacted in the pores, it can stretch them out and make them appear larger. As you age and your collagen levels decline, the pores do not snap back as easily once it has been enlarged! We know how hard it can be to commit to your routine, but it is a must to avoid tomorrow’s skincare disaster.

Doctor Tips:

  1. Drink plenty of water before and after the big night out – combat dehydration and dry skin by hydrating thoroughly before bed, and the next day!
  2. Now that you’ve hydrated the body, it’s time to quench your thirsty skin. Hyaluronic acid is a moisture magnet which attracts, then locks water into skin. Products with chamomile can also help sooth redness and reduces inflammation, neutralizing skin irritation.
  3. Stimulate the skin- daily exfoliation will help to revive your skin and resurrect that loss of radiance. A healthy rate of skin cell renewal is one of the key components of radiant and even-toned skin.

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