Anti-Aging Through The Decades

Aging can be a scary thought for most–despite the misconception, it’s not too early to dive head first into preventative measures.

When it come’s to shaping the ideal skincare regimen, it’s crucial to tend to your skin concerns accordingly. Luckily, we have tailor-made insight on common issues and how to treat them through the decades.

Your 20’s

Dilemma: Foul Play

Cleansing is critical and we can’t stress it enough! Most in their 20’s continue to use the same harsh cleansers and drying astringents they relied on when they were acne-prone teenagers. You may not see it, but at this phase in your skin’s life cycle, your oil glands are beginning to shrink – making anti-acne and mattifying products that were once effective cause redness and irritation.

Solution: Never go to sleep with your makeup on. Taking skincare shortcuts can block pores, leaving oil trapped inside.  This leads to bacteria buildup and, yes, breakouts! Try a cleanser that includes witch hazel extract, a natural toner with antioxidant and anti-irritant properties or willow herb extract, which has natural antibacterial properties. Once you cleanse, you are free to exfoliate (the ultimate step!) A micro-exfoliation option with alpha or beta hydroxy acids is the key component to healthy, radiant skin.

Your 30’s

Dilemma: Fine Lines

At thirty, your collagen and elastin production may start to decline in both quantity and quality. Believe it or not, the skin around the eye area is prone to show that wear and tear–no wonder you’re eyes are called the windows to the soul! Because the surrounding skin is so thin, there’s a paradoxical need for a solution that is strong yet gentle.

Solution:   The right eye cream can turn tired to bright in no time. Vitamin C has proven itself to be one of the strongest catalysts of collagen growth, especially when it’s applied topically (at night, to avoid deactivation by sunlight.) A product with this key ingredient, combined with antioxidants, has the power to jump-start collagen production and reverse signs of aging. You can’t beat that!

Your 40’s

Dilemma: Loss of Firmness 

As we mature, the decrease of collagen production can lead to deeper creases and enlarged pores. The enzymes that erode collagen become stronger than the mechanisms in our skin that combat them. As your skin becomes less elastic, pores expand while the collagen fibers continue to diminish.

Solution: To combat this loss, choose products with boosters like retinol – which combats these destructive enzymes. To top it off,  antioxidants like green tea extract, vitamins C and E and lycopenes are  collagen-protecting, free-radical-destroying ingredients to include in your daily skincare regimen.


Let’s face it, amping up the anti-aging methods is a far better choice than attempting to revive it later on. What’s the moral to this story? No matter your age, there are a number of steps that you can take to age gracefully and treat the skin you’re in.


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