The NEW C+ Collagen Deep Cream

The groundbreaking C+ Collagen line introduces its newest product: Deep Cream. This collection inspired by Dr. Dennis Gross’ quest to solve the “tired skin” phenomenon, and answer his patients question: “Why do I always look so tired?” The line which now includes: mist, serum, eye cream, and face moisturizer is dedicated to reviving, boosting, and brightening complexions, and the C+ Collagen Deep Cream is no different.

The newest addition to the collection, the C+ Collagen Deep Cream is a luxurious cream that is powered by our proprietary energy complex, vitamin C technology, and a doctor’s dose of collagen amino acids that deeply hydrates, smooths, and brightens your complexion. If you have dry, dull, and aging skin, this is the cream for you.

How does this cream work to give you supple skin? When nature’s most powerful vitamins and nutrients are boosted with modern science, the result is deeply nourished, supple skin with a dewy glow. The C+ Collagen Deep Cream features our energy complex with two restoring ingredients (superoxide dismutase and CoQ10) and two recharging ingredients (carnitine and niacinamide) to rev up skin’s energy. The technology found in this powerful formula also penetrates skin to interrupt the formation of dark spots and wrinkles, without the irritation.

With the C+ Collagen Deep Cream, you will see your skin transform from dry and dull to supple and energized. Give skin a boost of energy and lose the “tired” look for good. Work the treatment into your AM/PM regimen, and get ready to see serious results.

Say goodbye to looking “tired”, and hello to looking bright!

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