Dear Mom: You Taught Me What Beauty Really Is

Dear Mom,

I am so grateful that you are my mom. You taught me how to live the most beautiful life. You show me your definition of beauty through your actions. You continue to love deeply with dedication and focus. You are a true matriarch and I try to emulate you. You care tirelessly for your immediate and extended family and friends. You are always generous with hugs and kisses and ‘I love you’s’! They are physical and verbal reminders of how much we mean to you.

You believe in simplicity and keeping life uncomplicated.  This leads to happiness-less stress, better quality of life and better sleep! Your inner peace and outer beauty says it all-a healthy radiance with vitality and energy for life. You have always believed in quality over quantity when it comes to make up, jewelry, skincare –  actually just about everything applies!

Your beauty and style has been consistent: a timeless haircut, forever dewy skin and fantastic painted lip. Now that I have turned you into a peel addict you are even more fabulous! You taught me so much and showed all of this and more to your grandchildren – it’s so wonderful that we are both mothers of four!

We all love you so much Mommy! Happy Mother’s Day.



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