Spa Sundays: Jorinda Nardone from Lake Austin Spa Resort

Much can be said about the relationship between stress and your skin! April is National Stress Awareness Month, and The Daily Dose introduces Jorinda Nardone from Lake Austin Spa Resort as the third installment (you can see the first and second features here) for our Spa Sunday skin health series. We catch up with the Spa Director to discuss how being pampered inspires serious relaxation and the huge anti-aging benefits, all while unwinding from the daily grind. Let’s get glowing …

How do spa treatments directly correlate to stress relief & what are the benefits?

Spa treatments, whether it be a facial, massage or body treatment, are proven to induce a sense of calm, relieve anxiety, ease headaches and body aches and assist with insomnia due to stress.  Combine these potent benefits with a serene natural setting – which is shown to boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, improve your mood and also improves sleep – and you’ve got the prescription for a total wellness and relaxation experience!  Listening to the sounds of birds singing and leaves rustling in the wind after having a spa treatment here at Lake Austin Spa Resort is a sure fire way to ground you and bring you back to center.

What are your favorite beauty products?

My two favorite beauty products go hand in hand.  I love Dr. Gross’ C + Collagen Brighten and Firm Eye Cream paired with a daily application of a lash conditioner.  Having a delicate area around my eyes, this means the skin stays hydrated and plumping my laugh lines with longer, thicker lashes really make my eyes POP giving me that rejuvenated and refreshed look.

Can you reveal your most popular skincare treatments? And, share how they can actually help reduce stress and impact anti-aging efforts.

One of our most popular skincare treatments here at Lake Austin Spa Resort is our “C” The Difference Anti-Aging Facial featuring Dr. Dennis Gross skincare products.  This supercharged facial uses Vitamin C which is a naturally powerful brightening agent that leaves your skin positively glowing.  The sweeping movements of this facial procedure including a relaxing neck and shoulder massage, encourage lymphatic drainage and improve circulation thus keeping you healthy, your blood oxygenated and promoting healthier skin.  You’ll take the time to breathe deeply and allow you to leave the weight of the world behind.

What do you do to kick stress every day? Share your daily habits with us, from beauty to nutrition to ‘me time’.

In order to maintain a positive outlook and effectively handle stress daily, I awaken and begin a walking meditation and gratitude ritual. This includes blessing the day before me and everyone I come in contact with.  Paramount to my overall well-being means eating healthy and keeping hydrated, they go hand-in-hand and ensure I sleep better and feel healthier on a daily basis.  Most days after work I spend time in nature hiking to alleviate any remnants of stress from my workday.  Living a balanced life and ensuring I take care of myself by wearing a daily SPF, getting exercise and spending time with friends, ensure I can process stress and enable me to enjoy all that life truly has to offer.

Why do you think Dr. Gross skincare is so good?

The secret to Dr. Dennis Gross skincare is that the products are not only highly-effective, but as a company their formulations stay current with the latest innovation ingredients.  Their dual-purpose products help to carve out ‘me time’ in our busy lifestyles all while ensuring we are taking care of skin concerns.  I love the Hyaluronic Marine Oil Free Moisture Cushion.  Not only does it glide easily on my skin, it quickly absorbs and keeps my skin well-hydrated throughout the day.

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