Spa Sundays: Laura Hittleman From Canyon Ranch

April is National Stress Awareness month, and to explore the relationship between mind, body, soul and skin we’re talking to the leaders of the spa world. This third feature introduces Laura Hittleman, who is big on a zero stress policy, and that includes achieving healthy radiant-looking skin. As the Corporate Beauty Director at the famed Canyon Ranch, she knows first-hand the impact stress has on overall health.

How do spa treatments directly correlate to stress relief & what are the benefits?

Treat yourself and take opportunities to relax and renew!  Spa treatments are a perfect way to quickly ‘check out’ and take needed time to destress and replenish your emotional and physical self – which is the Canyon Ranch mission.  This much-needed time assists with quality sleep, you will be more productive at work and can even control your overall health.  You can also benefit from additional stress relievers in the products and scents you surround yourself with.  We use oils, scrubs and lotions that contain lavender, eucalyptus, and aloe to increase mental and physical benefits.

Can you reveal your most popular skincare treatments? And how they can actually help reduce stress and impact anti-aging efforts.

Our 80-minute facial treatments are the most popular.  Taking the extra time in a facial service is not only relaxing but it is so beneficial to your skin health.  Depending on your skin type, age and current regimen, we will either recommend an Overnight Wrinkle Recovery (our iconic beauty sleep facial), Premier Anti-Age facial with technology and peels, or Oxygen to renew and replenish with a cocktail of delicious serums.  By using quality products formulated for your skin type, you become an active participant in your skin’s health, slowing down the aging process. Always ensure your skincare products contain important components such as antioxidants, peptides and vitamins that will truly result in beautiful, radiant and healthy skin.

Why do you think Dr. Gross skincare is so good? Share your faves!

Dr. Dennis Gross skincare is a line that is easy to use, result-driven, has great anti-aging collections for all skin types – and it’s a great skincare line to “live in.”  Which means that you can seamlessly move throughout the collection across the seasons.

My favorite products are:

What do you do to kick stress every day? Share your daily habits with us, from beauty to nutrition to ‘me time’.

I always carve out time during the day that is just me time – either by going to the gym for some cardio and strength, walking my dogs with my husband or getting together with family and friends.  I love to cook but will save my creative cooking time for my days off so I can devote more attention to it! My nutritional habits are pretty healthy and simple.  My husband and I eat the same meals with little change keeping us on track (no snacking between meals, only fruit!).  I love my beauty routines however I do keep it to a definite process that is not too long — but very effective.  I use products that are results-driven and deliver power and punch. Looking at you Dr. Gross!

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