Let ‘Lite’ Fade Aging Away

The next gold standard in dermatology is not a topical. It’s light.” Dr. Dennis Gross declares. We should also mention, there’s no prep time or downtime required. Only the anti-aging graces of light.

Dr. Gross uses cutting-edge light therapy at his practice daily, treating signs of aging that first appear around the delicate eye area. He wanted to bridge the barrier between his professional in-office treatments and his patients’ at-home skincare regimen, just like when he created the Alpha Beta Daily Peel. This led to a low involvement, high reward, skin device that changes the way we all experience skincare.

Introducing SpectraLite™ Eyecare Pro LED Device, an FDA-cleared innovation for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. This hands-free, antiaging wearable tech treatment brags incredible results. With proven cosmetic surface changes visible in as quickly as 2 weeks, you’ll see full results after 10 weeks.

The results are additive,” Dr. Gross told WWD. “At the end of the day, LED works like an ingredient — like an antiaging cosmeceutical ingredient.”

Taking dermatology to a new dimension, the SpectraLite™ Eyecare Pro LED Device penetrates deep within skin to build collagen, even skin tone and texture, smooths wrinkles and crow’s feet, firms skin and increases skin density. With a continued commitment of only three minutes a day, the SpectraLite Device will deliver deeper, more intense, more lasting results.

And, what’s with the name? ‘Spectra’ is used in the name SpectraLite™ to indicate that our device uses the full spectrum of collagen-boosting red light wavelengths, where ‘Lite’ relates to the express treatment time. “The opportunity to improve your skin by doing something for three minutes a day is a no-brainer,” our resident expert affirms. Your future face is in your hands and it’s looking bright.

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