How To: Prep Your Skin For Spring

Dreaded wind chill, overheated rooms, steaming hot showers. All of these classic winter scenarios only mean dry, dull, and flakey skin. There’s no doubt the harsh elements of winter wreak havoc on your skin’s healthy state leaving it feeling irritated and often itchy. In the winter, skin produces less oil due to the absence of sun light and heat resulting in dry skin. Additionally, there is less humidity in winter air and this causes moisture to evaporate off of our skin.

Never fear, Dr. Gross is here to recommend several simple yet effective ways you can rejuvenate your skin’s suppleness for springtime glory.

Use A Gentle Exfoliator Daily

Winter’s harsh, cold air can leave skin dry, itchy, irritated, and red. To repair irritation, try a chemical exfoliation with gentle Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids. This will help buff away dead skin cells while repairing the pH balance of your skin.

Dr. Gross’ Choice: our iconic Ultra Gentle Alpha Beta Daily Peels

Switch Up Moisturizers from AM to PM.

Use your oil-free moisturizer in the morning and work a heavier moisturizer into your skincare regimen at night. Using it at least twice a week and ideally, before bed.  A moisturizer that contains humectants is fantastic for quenching dry skin. Humectants bring water from the atmosphere into your skin, causing it to look plumper and firmer. Applying the enriched treatment at nighttime will help accelerate the reparative process.

Dr. Gross’ Choice: our enriched Hyaluronic Marine Oil Free Moisture Cushion

Get Steamy

Steam your face for fast results. Using the power of micro-droplets, steaming for 9 minutes twice a week helps open up clogged pores and rehydrate away dull, lifeless looking skin. This is a good option for highly sensitive skin types and those who a). don’t use a humidifier at night and b). crank up the heater at all times.

Dr. Gross’ Choice: our savvy Pro-Facial Steamer

Want to learn more from our resident expert Dr. Gross? Discover his advice here.

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