Turn Tired To Bright! The NEW C+ Collagen Brighten + Firm Eye Cream

The eyes say it all. Some say they are the window to the soul. We say they can show the very first signs of aging, even in your early twenties! They can say you look ‘tired’ more than anything else.  Whether you suffer from dark circles at 31, puffiness at 45 or crow’s feet 56, eyes forever will be an anti-aging concern to be combated.

Our resident expert, NYC-based dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross was fascinated by this ‘tired skin’ phenomenon and  went to work. As a result, he created a scientifically groundbreaking skincare line dedicated to reviving, boosting and brightening complexions around the globe. Starting with a potent serum (enriched with his favorite ingredient Vitamin C), our doctor now presents the C+ Collagen Brighten + Firm Eye Cream, to specifically target the thinnest and most delicate skin: your eye area.

It’s true what they say: When your eyes look younger, your entire face appears more youthful. Our energizing eye cream, infused with our pioneering vitamin C complex recharges skin’s battery to dramatically improve the look of fatigued, aging eyes.

You can achieve brighter, more beautiful eyes in this bottle. How? The smooth silky cream turns tired to bright using the most powerful and elegant anti-aging ingredients. The C+ Collagen Brighten + Firm Eye Cream formula features the most effective stabilized form of vitamin C. It maintains its acidic properties to penetrate deep into the skin, to prevent the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

You’ll also get a doctor’s dose of collagen amino acids. These are a plant-sourced collagen; smaller molecular weight amino acids which are the building blocks of peptides and proteins
. And, don’t forget the proprietary Energy Complex. It contains antioxidant properties to protect and enhance skin function at the cellular level. Embrace the science, and see the serious results.

Switch off visible lines, eliminate darkness and reduce puffiness. Turn on firm, smooth and refreshed looking eyes. Expect nothing but absolute radiance and light with this enriched eye treatment. After all, the eyes are the window to your soul, and of course, youth!

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