Power Couples: Skin Gets Crazy In Love

Like Beyoncé and Jay Z, there are many things in life that are simply meant to go together.  Take for instance the chemistry of skincare ingredients, ones that make for ‘crazy in love’ anti-aging results.

Core to his craftsmanship, Dr. Gross believes that a product’s efficacy is based on how well it is formulated to target a specific area or tackle a skin problem. It is within the symphony of science he innovates. He creates skincare products (and pioneering skincare technology) in a way that he directs the ingredients exactly where he wants them to go, how deeply they penetrate the skin and how aptly they address a concern.

Playing matchmaker, here are 3 power couples that has Dr. Gross playing cupid, while tackling your aging concerns.

Ferulic and Retinol

By adding Ferulic Acid to Retinol, Dr. Gross created a unique delivery system that makes Retinol work in an effective yet gentle way. While Retinol is working to firm the skin and add radiance and luminosity, Ferulic Acid allows the Retinol to work without drying out the skin, and promoting collagen production (which counters wrinkles and fine lines). Essentially, Ferulic Acid negates the adverse side effects (like redness, sun sensitivity and dryness) of Retinol and together, they are an amazing combination. 

Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids

Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids work with different mechanisms to remove the top layer of skin. Beta Hydroxy Acids break down the bridges/bonds between the cells, work on oil glands to reduce sebum production, and minimize the pores.  Alpha Hydroxy Acids cause the cells themselves to detach while increasing skin’s radiance and improving skin tone. It is the synergy between these two that produce controlled exfoliation. The results? Instant radiance.

Vitamins C +Peptides

Vitamins C and Peptides are highly beneficial when combined. More specifically, three forms of Vitamin C and three groups of peptides cocktailed together to protect skin against aging are one of the most scientifically-advanced formulas of all time. Uniquely engineered, Dr. Gross designed this potent blend to moisturize and support natural repair functions, for skin that appears stronger and smoother. This dynamic duo also helps to provide a firmer and brighter appearance.

In this case, two is definitely better than one. What are you waiting for? Let your skin slip into a love affair with science-backed skincare. You’d be crazy not to!

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