3 Faces I Admire Not Just For Their Skin

There are so many amazing women that I admire. Not only for their dedication to keeping healthy skin, body and minds but also the impact they had on how I see the world. Other women have influenced how I choose to run a business, be a mother, friend, wife and also, how to be kind to myself.

Below I have shared three empowering women that have been my life long favorites, heroines that have influenced me from my twenties and still to this very day.


Gloria Steinem

She was my first role model. Her views on self-esteem, how to raise your kids, and one impossible task: for women to have it all if they have to do it all!  That means laundry and dishes, kids and career. Oh, my! Gloria helped me envision my professional life and how to balance it with my personal life. I love everything about her. She was strong yet feminine and sexy, the true definition of ‘brains, beauty and balls.’

Jane Fonda 

I ran out and bought leg warmers and I haven’t looked back!  For me, as an avid Physique57 junkie, strength and fitness has been a lifelong pursuit.  Jane believes in staying brave and stepping out of your comfort zone.  She’s always been honest and admits to many issues surrounding beauty and body image in her youth.  She is open about the fact that she had plastic surgery, with no apologies but rather with a sense of grace and confidence. There is no shame, as it is unnecessary to her.  She won’t allow photo shopping of her images because is proud of her wrinkles!!  She has been a role model for many years now, and I know, many more to come.

Audrey Hepburn

She can rock a LBD!  She loved to laugh!  She believed in the manicure, lipstick, kissing, romance and miracles! The list goes on for this incredible icon. Audrey once said, “elegance never goes out of style” and she was right, not just in fashion, but also in who you choose to be.  I first dreamt of moving to New York watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And, because of this I made it happen in my early twenties and never looked back.


These three women helped me define my views on health and wealth, self-esteem, hard work, love, compassion, and family. What are you waiting for? Yes, we can have it all!


Who do you admire? Share with me your women of wonder.




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