The Energy Complex: Charge Up Your Skin with Science

The mitochondria. Yes, it’s a challenge to pronounce but listen in, science class is about to begin. The mitochondria is, in fact, the powerhouse of the cell, or as we like to call it, the battery.

Truth of the matter is that our skin cells have a battery that provide energy – it’s the heart and soul of the skin cell. When power runs out, it’s no different than a cell phone that needs a charge.” The mitochondria, a cell’s battery, produces an electrical charge. When it runs low, energy depletes, skin appears tired and it’s not as responsive to anti-aging ingredients.

The answer? Dr. Dennis Gross formulated the C+ Collagen technology to recharge your tired-looking skin. Marrying his proprietary Energy Complex (a pioneering ingredient matrix) with a potent cocktail of vitamin C, niacinamide, and amino acids, these powerful skin superheroes work harmoniously together to charge up the said skin ‘battery’, which then kicks your collagen production into overdrive. And, as we know, Dr. Dennis Gross considers collagen the holy grail of youth. And, so should you!

Working synergistically, the Energy Complex boosts vitamin C’s ability to produce collagen strand-by-strand, resulting in tighter and firmer skin, while evening tone, texture and bringing back radiance. He’s even created a product specific to the eye area, boosting brightness using this technology.

Vitamin C, in its brilliance, produces more collagen giving skin radiance and vitality. When coupled with my Energy Complex, which charges the battery, the cell’s response to Vitamin C is even greater and anti-aging results are amplified. Skin is recharged and revitalized,” says Dr. Dennis Gross, of his beloved skincare ingredient.

Science is the root of what this is all about – it’s a brand new way of making collagen.” That’s what out doctor said.

Charge up, rev up and turn on your skin! To explore the latest anti-aging serum arsenal and target eye cream created by Dr. Dennis Gross, click here.

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