Turn Your Skin ON! With Our NEW C+ Collagen Vitamin C Serum

Turn dull to bright, slack to tight, wrong to right. Your skin revolution has arrived and, it’s seriously energized. Introducing a modern hero in your skincare regimen, the NEW C+ Collagen Brighten + Firm Vitamin C Serum.

If you have a dull lackluster complexion, or as our doctor declares it the global ‘tired skin’ phenomenon, this serum revs up your skin’s cell battery. Yes, you read correctly. Your skin has a battery and you can recharge it.

Truth of the matter is that our skin cells have a battery that provide energy – it’s the heart and soul of the skin cell. When power runs out, it’s no different than a cell phone that needs a charge.” The mitochondria, a cell’s biological battery, produces an electrical charge. When it runs low, energy depletes, skin appears tired and it’s not as responsive to anti-aging ingredients.

His answer? A weightless, fast-absorbing gel-serum that is seriously power-packed. After rigorous research, Dr. Gross formulated the C+ Collagen technology to reawaken and return skin to a fresh-faced reflection. Marrying a superior form of Vitamin C with his proprietary Energy Complex (that’s right, he created a new technology), Dr. Gross developed a cocktail that fuels the cell to rebuild collagen and accelerated repair to improve imperfections like dullness, dark spots, rough texture, and expression lines!

Vitamin C, in its brilliance, produces more collagen giving skin radiance and vitality. When coupled with my Energy Complex, which charges the battery, the cell’s response to Vitamin C is even greater and anti-aging results are amplified. Skin is recharged and revitalized,” says Dr. Dennis Gross. “Science is the root of what this is all about – it’s a brand new way of making collagen.”

An unparalleled energy source, the NEW C+ Collagen Brighten + Firm Vitamin C Serum is like nothing else. Expect smooth and taut skin, complete with a radiant luminosity. What are you waiting for? Turn your skin on.

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