Skin Talk: Chris from Tophcam

A self-declared beauty obsessive, you need to meet the effervescent Chris from Tophcam. The New York-based well-groomed gentleman has a serious skincare story to tell, with the belief that everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Starting with what? Skin, of course!

Tell us something about yourself? We’d like to get to know you.

Hey friends! My name is Chris. I study Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, I also work in the cosmetics industry in the retail space, and do a bit of beauty blogging when I have time. 😉 Needless to say, I’m a little bit obsessed! I also enjoy photography, music, and cars. I love the idea of artistic expression in general. To me, life is art.

What made you so interested in beauty and skincare? 

As a teenager, I had really severe cystic acne, the kind that left me with pit scarring on my cheeks. I went on Accutane (isotretinoin) when I was about seventeen, and it changed my life. I heard stories of people ‘relapsing’ after they finished their treatment, so I vowed to seek out a great skincare ritual in order to keep my skin healthy and clear. Since then, I’ve been exploring all facets of beauty. It feels great to feel beautiful, and we all deserve to feel beautiful.

When did you discover Dr. Dennis Gross? Share your story. 

I think I was always attracted to the orange packaging! And, I once was a freelancer for his team in Sephora stores, so I became educated on the entire range. I respect Dr. Gross not only as a dermatologist and skincare researcher, but as a product formulator. It’s the kind of range where you can close your eyes and point to any product he makes and know that it’s going to be high quality and effective. I like that the products are all aimed at improving skin health – we only get one face!

What’s your #1 beauty tip for healthy skin?

Effective cleansing. Not only will it help your high-performance skincare treatments absorb and work the way they were intended to, but it helps keep the skin healthy overall. Makeup and sunscreen do a great job at staying on our faces throughout the day, so we should do a really great job at removing them before bed!

Do you have a favorite Dr. Dennis Gross product? Tell us why!

The Clinical Concentrate Hydration Booster takes the cake. I think it’s one of the best hydration products in the entire world because it’s water-free and has more humectants in it than I can even fathom. I even did a blog review on it! It was also the very first Dr. Dennis Gross product I tried – a little over two years ago! I could also express my adoration of the Ferulic + Retinol Overnight Serum, Instant Radiance SPF 40, and recently the C+ Collagen Mist, but that’s a given when the brand has so many high quality products!

Would you call yourself a peel addict?

I do love a good peel! The Medi-Spa Peel and Universal Daily Peel are my favorites of the Doc’s. However, I think it’s important to listen to your skin. Sometimes, I can’t handle doing a peel every single day, so I’ll space them out. I’d rather take things slow and get the results that I want than to over-do it and have to spend time recovering!

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