Skin And The City: Your Anti-Pollution Arsenal

Dark spots, wrinkles and dryness. You might not think it but the urban landscape is compounding these aging problems; from heavy traffic toxins to environmental free-radicals running amuck and causing havoc on skin. These pesky environmental aggressors come in forms of wind heat, sun, air – it’s unavoidable even if you don’t live in the city!

Gases like nitrogen oxide and microscopic particulate matter, which seep through pores, releasing free radicals that destroy the skin’s defensive lipid barrier, poking holes in collagen and sucking out moisture. These environmental aggressors are contributors to the fine lines, uneven texture and pigmentation we associate with aging, but how many of us really view pollution as something to worry about?

Dr. Dennis Gross certainly knows the perils of pollutants; especially as he is a native New Yorker. To combat city skin damage, he created a new guard designed to shield skin from the elements. Loaded with free-radical fighting anti-oxidants, Dr. Gross created the Set + Refresh Perfect Skin Mist, a dual skincare treatment and makeup booster that hydrates and protects your skin as it refreshes (by cleverly rehydrating) your makeup.  For those who don’t know, foundation is made up of water and powder, which leads to makeup breakdown (aka: cake face!) as the water content evaporates.

How does it work? The Set + Refresh Mist neutralizes free radical damage from UV exposure, environmental and potential makeup pollutants.  Designed for on-the-go, spritz the Set + Refresh Mist morning, noon and night, as the city landscape clearly affects our faces much more than we think!

Doctor’s Tip: Consider boosting your protective product game the same way you layer on SPF: better to focus on prevention now than damage control later!

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