Mask Magic: Benefits of Masking From The Spa World

At-home masks are inspired by the spa industry, with all the benefits of staying tucked up in your pajamas. Although a good mask might be a relaxing idea, great masks are designed to provide performance driven treatments. We talk to Sarah Myers (Northeast Account Manager, Professional & Retail) who reveals just why masks can have magical anti-aging benefits.

What makes a mask good for the skin?

A mask is the icing on the cake of a skincare routine. Masks are deeply penetrating and use concentrated ingredients for a more specialized and effective treatment. Masks are also a great jumpstart for a new routine. Dehydrated? Use a hydrating mask first, then follow up with a moisturizing routine!

Is there an ideal time to do one?

I love doing my masks at night. The skin is more receptive to treatments, because it is not combating free-radicals, toxins and the sun as it does during the day. The skin also repairs itself during sleep, making it an optimal time to apply a mask. My routine involves ‘Skincare Sunday’, I use that one night for my own little spa treatments at-home. This always includes a mask!

How should you prep your skin before a mask?

The prep is simple – always start with a clean, dry face. I prep by using a cream cleanser, followed by a deep steam. This opens the pores and readies the skin for the mask. Depending on my skin’s needs, I’ll apply a hydrating or clarifying mask (usually the former!) and leave on for up to 15 minutes.

Who is a hydrating mask good for?

A hydrating mask is great for restoring suppleness, radiance, and elasticity to the skin. I am constantly traveling. Between airplanes, environmental toxins, changes in water, and uneven sleep patterns, my skin tends to get dull. Sometimes I use a hydrating mask to wake up my skin. If I’m not well rested, it’s a great way to “turn the lights on” and face the day!

Can you mask too much? 

Of course I would use a hydrating mask every day, I love it that much! But by using as instructed – once weekly- your skin truly benefits from the mask’s concentrated ingredients. It’s like hitting the reset button once a week!  

What are some good products to follow a mask?

I always use my Clinical Concentrate Hydration Booster and Hyaluronic Moisture Cushion after masking. This trio is like eight glasses of water for my skin. It’s cooled, quenched and super radiant!

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