pH Balance: Why It Determines All Anti-Aging Efforts

The pH balance is important to the skin. Why? Because it help to protect, repair and to better absorb the benefits of anti-aging ingredients. Dr. Dennis Gross sheds light on the science behind this clever skin balancing ability.

Why is pH balance important to the skin?

The pH balance is important to the skin because it helps; control create pigment, produce oil, perspire, or reproduce normally. In order to survive in the external world at its optimal level, the skin’s pH must be maintained. Another example of the importance of pH balance is in your muscles. A buildup of lactic acids in your muscle will cause metabolic changes in the pH, which will make your muscles less functional in movement and flexibility.

What does pH balanced really mean?

Your skin’s pH can range from a scale 0 4 in terms of acidic and alkaline, where a balanced pH sits around 5.5. The skin may fluctuate away from 5.5, but it is able to bounce back to the normal desirable level on its own.

What are symptoms of unbalanced skin?

Symptoms of skin that is too alkaline include looking dull, irritated, red and there may be broken blood vessels present. These symptoms are visible to the human eye. Additional symptoms may not be as obvious including itchiness and the inability to exfoliate normally. Extreme or prolonged abnormality in pH balance may result in rashing and irritation such as eczema. And yes, skin being too acidic is less common than skin that is too alkaline. However, the symptoms of skin being too acidic are no different from being too alkaline.

What are probable causes of alkalinity?

Probable causes of alkalinity include the following; environmental factors, using products that are improper or inappropriate, and overusing hydrogen peroxide which injures the skin by making it too alkaline.

How should you care for your skin to bring it back to a 5.5 level?

If your skin looks unusual, is itchy, tight or uncomfortable in any way, the products you are using may be disrupting your pH balance. If you discontinue the use of products that are causing the imbalance, your skin will auto adjust back to 5.5. When skin is pH balanced, we are generally unaware of any problems. You don’t need to worry as long as you use products with the same pH as your skin.

What skincare treatments help restore balance?

All peels should be two steps. One step peels that exist on the market lack a neutralizer, they produce an imbalance as they are too acidic. That is exactly why I created a patented 2 step peel that started the line. The Alpha Beta Face Peel’s Step 1 contains acids resulting in an acidic pH and Step 2 acts as the neutralizing step to return skin back to its normal pH. This is a reason why my peels are an award-winning, best-seller around the world.

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