Peeling Is In Vogue

We need no conviction that peeling is, in fact, a very fashionable thing to do for your skin; especially when it comes to an everlasting radiance. Here we’ve compiled the best quotes Dr. Gross has shared with the world’s top beauty editors.

“The purpose of any peel is to exfoliate, but the deeper the peel the more anti-aging benefits for stimulation of collagen. In addition to stimulating collagen production, which will soften lines and wrinkles, firm skin and even our skin tone, repetitive peels can also help to reduce pore size, fade discolorations, improve rosacea, as well as treat and prevent acne. I like to say this is gentle power that gives you radiant skin in just two minutes without the risk of irritation or downtime.” – Dr. Gross told Daily Makeover in 2015

“If you want to use acids to their best advantage the key is to blend multiple acids together. It is far better to use something every day that is not super concentrated than something radical all at once. Daily peels are like steady exercise to the skin. You will get the best results and avoid irritation. Over time your skin responds like muscle. It starts to get stronger.” – Dr. Gross told British Vogue in 2014

“I formulated the Alpha Beta Peels so they can be used by everyone – they are not dependent on skin type.  We offer several strengths, based on frequency and number of acids, which allows individuals to explore the best treatment for their skin, and includes Original Formula, Extra Strength, Medi-Spa (a weekly treatment) as well as the newly launched Ultra Gentle Daily Peel for those who have sensitive skin, or are just trying peels for the first time.  I like to say this is gentle power that gives you radiant skin in just two minutes without the risk of irritation or downtime.” – Dr. Gross told Love Twain in 2016

“There is a synergy between exfoliation and anti-aging in a peel that make the results plain to see. After a peel your skin is radiant, younger looking and people want to know why your skin looks that way. Word of mouth has spread and acids as a skincare ingredient are only getting more popular. Also, people like natural ingredients and that’s what these acids are.” – Dr. Gross told Allure in 2013

The days of the Sex and the City peel are over. 15 years ago people were using peels that were injuring the skin – making it red, raw and horrible looking. I was never a believer that you had to injure the skin to get the result you were looking for… My biggest obstacle was overcoming the challenge that people didn’t believe in peels without downtime. I truly believe you are better off doing something on a more regular basis than something radical once in a while.” – Dr. Gross told American Vogue in 2013

“It is important to keep in mind that the acids are beneficial. Building collagen is the single most important objective I developed for the Alpha Beta Peel (featuring Alpha and Beta hydroxyl acids).  Instead of applying high doses of only one type of acid to the skin, The Alpha Beta Peel combines lower concentrations … I believe in using multiple acids in lower concentrations vs. 1 or 2 in very high concentrations. This makes the formula much more effective and it also has been proven to score lower on irritation tests- making this product ideal for those with sensitive skin.” – Dr. Gross told You Beauty in 2000

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