5 Steps To Serious Skin Plumping

Hello, thirsty fatigued-looking face. Your dull days are over! After just one treatment, the Hyaluronic Marine Mask will improve dry surface lines and pores for firmer, supple, more radiant skin! This is how …


A transformative mask that delivers intense hydration to your skin, this too-cool-for-school product is an incredible delivery system. “The mask barrier itself delivers oxygen and moisture deeper into the skin. When you plump the skin you are hydrating from below the skin’s surface. The visual change is radically impressive,” Dr. Dennis Gross explains.  “This is the most natural mask you’ll get and it starts with the purity of the algae, where Hyaluronic Acid gives skin its tautness, it is responsible for internal hydration.”

Used in our professional spa treatments and at Dr. Gross’ own NYC practice, the blue mask begins as a gel and powder – when mixed together, they create a unique experiential texture with long-lasting hydration for serious skin-plumping results.


As this unique mask morphs from gel to solid through a cooling chemical reaction, your skin is transformed from dull and dehydrated to dewy and radiant! This skin-reviving mask contains professional-grade algin and Hyaluronic Acid to improve skin’s water holding capacity and supply it with essential minerals and micro-elements. This express hydration facilitates an oxygen exchange and removes impurities from skin’s surface.


  1. Mix Hyaluronic Cushion Gel (Step 1) with Activating Powder (Step 2) in a bowl.
  2. With the supplied spatula, immediately spread the formula in a thick, even layer on clean, dry skin – starting from the bottom of your face and working in upward strokes. Avoid the eye area. (Pro-Tip: The thicker and more uniform the application, the easier it will be to remove the mask in one piece.)
  3. Leave the mask to set for 5-7 minutes, though it may be left on skin for up to 15 minutes for maximum hydration.
  4. To remove, lift off the mask and wipe away any excess with a damp cotton ball. No rinsing needed!
  5. Follow with a serum and/or moisturizer of your choice from Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, of course.

Watch Now: How To Use > We created a video, click here.

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