How To: Peel Like A Pro

These are the bonafided daily peelers, who share their expert tips on how, when and why you too should be a #peeladdict!  To embrace a love for acids, because they are game-changers in your skincare regimen!

“I like what Carrie said, that was to use multiple levels of the peels for my different needs. This approach has dramatically changed my skin in less than 2 weeks! Obsessed with peeling, I look younger already!” – Paula Scandone Vice President, Digital Sales and Marketing

“I find that peeling every day is just as essential as brushing my teeth and applying my makeup. I notice an immediate difference in the overall longevity of makeup, but most importantly, how well my moisturizer works when I use my daily Alpha Beta Peel. It is almost as if, like oxygen, my skin cannot function with it! It is my skin’s daily restart button. I have very dry skin, with sun damage being my biggest concern, so combining the power of the peel with my every day routine helps me put my best face forward every morning.”-  Erin Manwaring, Account Executive (South Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, & Alabama)

I often use the peel after getting eyebrows or upper lip waxed to reduce possible pimples or bumps!” – Marjorie Munson, Assistant Marketing Manager

“Peels aren’t just for the face!  I use mine on my rough elbows to smooth out bumps and back of the hands to keep them looking young!” – Melissa Sansone, Director, PR & Communications

I keep my peels in my nightstand! I love doing a treatment while indulging in a little late-night reality TV before bed!” – Sarah Myers, Account Manager (Northwest)

A peel a day, keeps the wrinkles away! It’s so simple and so true.” – Ryan Anavski, Account Executive (Northeast and Canada)

When I have time, like on a Saturday, I’ll peel twice. Starting with Ultra Gentle in the morning for a super hydrating peel, then at night before I go out I’ll bump up to Extra Strength, it’s actually amazing as a makeup primer and for serious glow.” – Charlotte Riggs, Social Media Manager

My #1 rule is applying from top to bottom, hairline to decollate – every day. Too many people, women especially, routinely expose the decollate but neglect taking treatments all the way down. I make absolutely sure my peel is applied EVERYWHERE. In fact, if I had one wish… Dennis and Carrie would give me a swimming pool filled with Alpha Beta solution so I could dive in head first and peel my entire body!” – Toni Lind, National Director of Sales

Peel the old and see the new.”- Nadine Hurns, Account Coordinator GA. FL. SC.NC.

General rule of thumb: ALWAYS make sure your face is thoroughly dry before peeling. And, switch it up! I use Ultra Gentle before a night out or event for extra moisture and glow and Extra Strength after working to kill post-sweat bacteria and prevent blemishes.”  – Jacqueline Kelly-Lynch, Marketing Communications Associate

My must-do is to seal your peel with sunscreen. I always do this saying when finishing a pro peel on someone before they go out into the sun.” – Sue Thomas, Global Director of Sales

Don’t save the glow for your pillow! I peel in the AM for all day radiance.” – Coco Smith, Account Executive (DC, Maryland, Virginia)

How To Peel Properly? Watch the film here.

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