Skin Talk: Natalie Glaze

This health junkie takes her nutrition very seriously, and not just when it comes to diet! London blogger, Natalie Glaze knows the importance of healthy skincare choices. She shares her reasons why Dr. Gross changed her attitude towards her beauty regimen, and it wasn’t the product itself …

What made you so interested in beauty & skincare?

My interest in skincare has only been a recent one, I was always a bit useless when it came to skincare. I just cleansed and put some coconut oil on if I was feeling adventurous! But I think in the last two years as I have got a bit older I have realized that looking after your skin is so important. I have seen the difference it can make having a good skincare routine and using good products. Although I am still partial to a bit of coconut oil, it solves everything.

Tell us something about yourself? We’d like to get to know you.

Ok, so my name is Natalie, I am a London girl, and my favorite foods are avocados and chocolate. I love traveling and exploring new places, but my favorite place is Ibiza…it’s my happy place! Then finally I am also currently training to be a Pilates instructor.

What are your top beauty products?

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel Pads, for obvious reasons.

Dr. Dennis Gross Instant Radiance Sun Defense Sunscreen, I take this everywhere with me.

Coconut Oil, from cooking to applying on my body. I love it.

This is not a product but drinking water and eating good fats are essential for good skin!

When did you discover Dr. Dennis Gross? Share your story.

As I was just starting to become aware of more skincare brands, I discovered Dr. Dennis Gross last January. When I met the team they told me more about the brand and I was so intrigued. Also, can I say that everyone I have meet who works at Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare has the BEST skin ever! So I mean the proof is in the pudding. But yes, I have been using their skincare products as part of my daily routine and I am seriously hooked.

Do you have a favorite product from the doctor? Tell us why.

The Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel Pads – since using these tons of people have commented on how glowing my skin is! It’s my secret skin weapon. 🙂

What’s your #1 beauty tip for healthy skin?

Hydrate – you can use all the creams and serums in the world but sometimes you have to go back to basics and just drink loads of water!

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