7 Things You Didn’t Know About Our CEO

Carrie Gross is a woman of many talents. She sings with her heart, dances in her heels and acts like a true lady boss, from the desk to her days off. Here are 7 things you may not have known about our CEO, wife of Dr. Dennis Gross and Co-Founder of their formidable skincare line.

  1. She’s been a yogi for 40 years.

“I took my first yoga class when I was 18, so this year is a milestone for me. I love doing Ashtanga. I’m on vacation when I’m on my mat. It allows me to really focus and touch base with any tension that’s in my body, and relieving it. I have to be really focused on myself, which is rare. I also love alignment and movement, it’s really important to work on posture, especially when sitting at a desk all day as it takes its toll. When you do yoga, you carry it with you throughout the day.”

  1. Audrey Hepburn stuck with her.

“I once read something from Audrey Hepburn, it was a quote from her: “we don’t kiss enough.” And it always stuck with me, so I kiss them (my family) every morning. Before we start our day, every single morning since we have been married, Dennis and I kiss goodbye,”

  1. She wishes she warned herself.

“Stay out of the sun! That’s the advice to my younger self. Did I tell you I had skin cancer? I was 40-something, and it was on my face. Dennis always says aging always hits you in increments. I grew up in California. I played in the summer sun. I lived in a bikini, went to the beach all my life, did my homework on the beach, rode bikes, hiked, everything always in the sun! The sun damage is catching up with me. I am paying the price!!”

  1. She can’t leave the house without lipstick.

“My mom has amazing skin. Growing up, I would love to watch her beauty routine. I remember she used the most luxurious moisturizer, and I would look at it and I would stick my finger in it when she wasn’t watching! And she always had lipstick on. My mom kind of reminded me of Jackie Onassis. The dark hair, A-line dresses, big sunglasses, and lipstick. I could skip mascara easily, but I can’t leave the house without lipstick! I love Tom Ford’s lipsticks, and right now I’m obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury.”

  1. A mom first, CEO second.

“I think of myself as a mom first and a CEO second. Little did I know, I would be blessed with four children, with twins to arrive first!  Truthfully, from a young age I always had this idea of myself in a suit, sitting behind a desk. I knew I was going to be working in business. You never know exactly what will happen, but I really did picture myself in an office with my darling babies at home. The power of visualizations really are a thing.”

  1. She doesn’t need motivation.

“I don’t need motivation because what I do is what I love, it is in my flow. And as far as taking care of my family goes, I don’t need motivation for that either because I’m fortunate that I love taking care of people, from my home life to my company. We are all family. Follow your own dreams and your heart, and you can create a life that is in your flow.”

7. Blue suede mules were her magic.

“One thing people don’t know is that I still have the pair of shoes that I was wearing when I met Dennis. I don’t think he had ever seen mules before, but he thought they were pretty hot! I’ve saved them all these years as a keepsake to remind me of the day we met.”

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