Skin Talk: Sarah Barlondo

If any woman embodied the definition of an ‘overachiever’, Sarah Barlondo takes the title. Why? This French-born London-based beauty is a full-time architecture student, part-time actress and in the spare time she doesn’t have, Sarah launched a digital magazine and runs a super chic blog. Oh, and she never skips her twice daily skincare regimen, especially when it comes to peeling! Talk about being a super woman.

What made you curious about Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare?

I am a very visual person and I can’t deny that while browsing Instagram, the orange immediately caught my eye. Then of course I took it further, I read about the products and the fact that the brand is vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free is what made me really interested. I had never come across a peel that I could do at home, and I don’t have time or the patience to get it done at a spa!

Why is healthy skin so important to you? 

Healthy skin means peace of mind. I love not having to worry about wearing makeup. Until I discovered the Dr. Gross daily peels, there was no way I would leave the house without concealer and foundation! But now it doesn’t matter. However, I would never leave the house again before doing a peel!

Would you call yourself a peel addict?

I totally am! Ever since I discovered Dr. Dennis Gross peels they have been the first step of my beauty regimen, once and even twice a day (morning and night) most of the time.  Until now I was also scared that a peel would be too aggressive for my sensitive skin. Seeing how many women loved the product made me curious to try it out! I tried them, loved them and I am now addicted to them.

What’s your ‘can’t-live-without’ beauty products?

  1. My Dr. Gross Skincare peels! It is the best thing I have ever done to my skin. It’s a mandatory step in my everyday skincare routine. I am now using them twice a day, depending on how my skin feels.
  2. No more face scrubs! I thought I was helping my skin but was actually damaging it every day. Instead, I use cleansers (love the cleanser by Dr. Dennis Gross) or organic cleansing oils instead (my favorite one being Holly Beth Organics cleansing oil).
  3. I never live the house without sunscreen, even in London! No matter what the weather is like. I actually use the Dark Spot Sun Defense as a primer. It catches the light so well and I know my skin is protected. The light-weight formula is super comfortable to wear under makeup even after a long day, it keeps it looking fresh for hours.
  4. I do a mud mask once a week: The Mega Greens Galaxy by Glossier. The clay mattifies my skin, resets it in a way. I feel balanced, pampered and purified.
  5. I recently discovered the Swan Neck Mascara and the Grandiôse Liner by Lancôme. Their shape is revolutionary. You can use it at a 35-degree angle which results in a perfect eyeliner application. I had never seen this before and it actually works. There is never too much or not enough eye liner with it.

Do you have any insider tips when it comes to your skincare regimen?

You Are What You Eat“. My skin has dramatically changed since I started eating organic. I have worked many jobs and I am a student. I work as an actress, journalist and am Editor in Chief at Mood Board Magazine (it’s a magazine I founded that aims to make the arts more accessible, we share the beauty of the arts, design and life in general), and I am a blogger, photographer and I am in architecture school! Which means that I sometimes lack of sleep and the stress level can be high, which definitely has an impact of my skin. A healthy lifestyle and healthy skin is absolutely mandatory to handle it all!  I feel very lucky to have found out about Dr. Dennis Gross’s line of products.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I am a former professional tennis player, world ranked on the professional tour and juniors. I turned pro when I was 16 years old but a serious car accident stopped my tennis career at 19. After 3 years between hospitals and physical therapy, I love life and try to enjoy it as much as I can. It might be why I am now a professional multi-tasker and why a healthy lifestyle is so important to me. I want to do it all! I want to travel the world!

Do you have a favorite Dr. Dennis Gross product?

Do I really have to choose one? Impossible! There are so many I love! My top 3 would be the Alpha Beta Universal Peel, the Dark Spot Sun Defense and the Medi-Spa Peel. I could never live without my daily peel. The original formula is my all-time favorite and I am not exaggerating! The overnight results have been shockingly good, so I never forget about it. I also used to suffer from bad hormonal acne, I could not find anything to help it and these did, even lightening my scars!  Living in London, I thought my skin naturally looked grey and fatigued. I tried the products and noticed an immediate change. Now almost 6 months in, my skin is smooth and glowing. The Alpha Beta Peels helped balance it as well, I have no more hormonal acne! Having to be in front of the camera for work, it not only helped me with getting rid of scars and look more radiant, but I feel more confident.

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