7 Skincare Commandments: It’s Our Doctors Orders

We won’t deny it; in fact, we embrace it. Dr. Dennis Gross isn’t just a scientist, he’s a skincare saint. Here he lists his ideal commandments for a healthy, brighter and more youthful looking complexion.

#7 Thou shalt step away from the third flute of champagne.

While sleeping off the effects of too much Moët & Chandon, alcohol-dilated capillaries leak circulatory fluids into our body tissue, causing the skin to swell.  When skin has poor circulation, the body actually creates extra blood vessels in attempt to rehydrate and repair.

#6 Thou shalt hit the lights out before 11PM.

Beauty sleep is a real thing! Regular sleep, at the same time, every night is a golden rule.  It’s the easiest thing we can do for the health of our skin. From 11 PM to midnight, the renewal process of ‘cell mitosis’ (a division of skin cells) peaks whether you’re awake or sound asleep, this is when skin repair happens.

#5 Thou shalt wear SPF every single day.

It is the number one anti-aging tool, as said so by our doctor. Rail, hail or shine, research shows that a substantial amount of premature aging comes from incidental sun UV ray exposure when we’re least aware of it.

#4 Thou shalt rehydrate in an unconventional way.

The best way to moisturize is straight after showering, with the bathroom door closed to trap steam. Towel dry and apply your moisturizer. You have 1-2 minutes! Why? Showering adds significant water content to your skin. Seal it in with your moisturizer before it evaporates.

#3 Thou shall cleanse religiously in the shower.

We all know to never skip cleansing! The shower is a great time to massage a gentle cleanser into the skin. Pores are more open and the sebum is liquefied. Apply daily to dry skin with dry hands when you first get in, as it will bind more effectively to dirt and oil molecules. Deep cleaning becomes easier and more efficient.

#2 Thou shall seek Vitamin C immediately.

A noted favorite ingredient of Dr. Gross, look for skincare with this powerhouse ‘skin food’ nutrient featured in its formula. Vitamin C is critical to the body’s production of collagen, which is what gives our skin its youthful firmness, structure, elasticity and brightening. 

#1 Thou shall understand the skin you’re in.

Knowledge is power. Eating habits, environmental factors and genetics: they all play a role in how your skin is behaving. Take the time to understand your skin.  Then you can better ‘learn by concern’ when choosing the best skincare for you.  In turn, achieving your healthiest skin possible!



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  • I’ve already religiously abide to commandment #2,3,4,5 and 7. I hope I can start adopting commandment #6. It is a little bit challenging with two kids who refuse to sleep before 11pm, but I’ll try! As for commandment #1 I’m still not quite there yet as I’m still trying to figure which skincare works best for my skin, but I am definitely at the experimenting stage already.

  • The commandment that I already abide by is #5: wearing SPF every single day! My daily moisturizer has SPF 30, and I wear it every day of every year! The commandment I will adopt ASAP is #2, getting some Vitamin C in my skincare! I am definitely looking for some good products with this “skin food” to keep my skin looking firm and bright!

  • How fun was this article! I am on my way to becoming a skincare “Saint” thanks to Dr. Dennis Gross and all of his fabulous tips! For me, using Vitamin C daily has been one of my most used commandments to keep my skin looking healthy. I do need to adopt wearing SPF every single day. I sometimes forget how important this step is! Love this blog!

  • I just read recently on your Instagram to go to bed before 11 and I have been trying to do that ever since (not always successfully ) I do cleanse and wear spf daily but I definitely need to pay more attention to commandments 1 and 2! And I am soooo dying to try an Alpha Beta peel pad!! Thank you for this opportunity!

  • I already follow all of these except the daily spf. I work night shifts a lot
    So I figure I don’t need it when I’m up all night and sleep durning the day but I still probably should!!

  • Hey everyone well the commandments i already follow are 4,3,1.As for what I need to start doing that’s 6,5,2 and especially spf daily but just haven’t found one that agrees with skin type!

  • I always moisturise after shower and it does truly work wonders. I stay away from alcohol and i drink plenty of water. I also apply a vitamin c and anti oxidant cream regularly. I have sensitive skin also some acne marks and pores on my cheeks. I apply spf 50 every single day. One thing that i dont do is hit the bed before 11, but i plan to change that. I would live to try your iconic peels. I am sure it will make a big difference to my skin

  • I already wear SPF every single day because I live in California but I have to adopt #3 Thou shall cleanse religiously in the shower to really get my skin in the best condition it can be!

  • I’m pretty good at cleansing religiously, but I’m terrible at getting to bed before midnight! I’ll try a week of lights off before 11pm!

  • I already abide by #7. I don’t drink so that’s not a problem! 🙂 I do, however, need to adopt #6! I’m rarely in bed by 11 and I know there are many health benefits from getting enough sleep, especially at that time!! Thank you for the tips!

  • Great blog! I can say I agree with all but for me the SPF is key – I wear SPF 50 on my face / 70 on my body – even if there’s no sun out . Anything from lights , reflective mirrors, television can beam rays onto your skin- & the one id love to start doing is sleeping earlier–I’m a night owl & sometimes what suffers is my sleep .. I’m working on it though. Love the DDG line – I’m always putting it on my Instagram sergio102375.

  • I most religiously follow the #3 commandment – thou shall cleanse religiously in the shower. It took me a long time to develop a solid skin care routine, but I’m proud to say cleansing is my strong point. The shower is the best place to cleanse also as it does open up the pores and allows for a deeper cleanse!
    The #6 commandment is definitely one I need to adopt asap! I do try, but it’s easier said than done to hit the lights out before 11pm! Beauty sleep is super important and too much can never hurt, so I’m going to set myself the goal of adopting this commandment and squeezing in some extra Z’s for skin renewal!!

  • I abide by commandments number seven, five (I actually just ordered the Instant Radiance Sun Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 40 along with a bunch of other stuff.) and one. I want to adopt commandment number six ASAP!

  • I’m mostly a saint apart from the occasional late night studying, which simply cannot be helped sometimes I have a detailed list of all my products to be used, in what order and when on the inside of my bathroom cabinet just so I don’t forget or skip anything. It’s something I’ve been very thorough with since turning 25. Your products are a great staple to have as part of an everyday routine and I recommend your products to everyone

  • I have started (double) cleansing religiously, and it really does wonders for my skin! Must admit I sin way too much otherwise, I’m afraid, but I’m definitely set on upping my routine by a lot!! 🙂

  • Such a great article to keep in mind at ALL times! The rules I constantly practice are wearing SPF everyday, for me it’s a must and where most of the skin issues can arise from. I’m also a believer in cleansing while showering and mosturizing fresh out the shower to let it all sink in. The one I need to work on even thought it may be tough is getting a good nights sleep!

  • I don’t drink, I wear spf all year round, I do cleanse but not in the shower. The ones I really need to work on are getting to bed earlier, getting more vitamin c and of course the biggest being understanding the skin is am in. I thought I was so saint but I guess I am a sinner.

  • I already do all but #’s 4 & 6. 4 could easily become part of my routine but 6 would be difficult. 11pm-1am is my time. Once everyone has gone to bed, I can get emails returned without interruptions, watch what I want on TV as I fold a mountain of laundry, read the newspaper and just get to enjoy the quiet, clean house like no other time of day. I’ve always been a night owl and it would be hard to change now. I am also up early when everyone else is, so I guess the real issue is getting enough sleep.

  • I already follow 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7. Number 6 is the one I’m going to try my best to follow, from now on.

  • I already do 3-7 but 1 &2 I need to adopt right away, I find it hard to understand my skin my face especially, I have some dark spots and between my eyes, expression line that seem to be deep. Although I eat foods with Vitamin C, I don’t apply it to my skin, I really would love to find a very good Vit C, I also need to learn to embrace my skin because I’ve hated my skin for some time now, I don’t neglect it either!

  • I’m trying to understand my skin, and therefore to understand its needs. Eating habits, the way of life in general all play the role. I also try to sleep as much as possible, to clean my skin, moisturize and well protect! But the #2 commandment is really new to me! And it is so important! I go to look for vitamin C immediately! Thank you!

  • I use spf EVERY day and I definitely want to start cleansing religiously in the shower. Makes total sense!!!

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