How To: Layer Your Skincare The Right Way

There’s no doubt that skincare can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to what order you apply it! Does a serum come after or before you peel? When do you even peel? What about eye cream? Never fear, our doctor is here, and his easy-to-remember regimen advice is to “always apply thinnest product to thickest.”

Below we break it down to 4 simple steps for skincare rookies (soon to be anti-aging elitists), with the aim for your skin to be primed to receive the best benefits from each powerhouse ingredient.

  1. Cleanse

Imagine trying to paint a Picasso on a dirty canvas! Pablo just wouldn’t. You’ve got to think of your face as a clean canvas for serious anti-aging work to be done. Always cleanse first, remove away the day’s dirt, makeup and any free radicals as they exist as barriers for key nutrient absorption. This first step is priming your skin for the good stuff.

  1. Exfoliate

Yes, exfoliate daily. Despite popular belief, Dr. Gross has designed an iconic 2 step delivery system that gently yet radically helps your skin to be at its healthiest. His at-home chemical peel will do the job, without any aggressive redness or scratching of the skin’s surface. The importance of daily exfoliation is to accelerate the skin cell renewal process (which boosts collagen!), leaving your face feeling brighter, instantly smoother and in the long term, youthful.

  1. Treat

Whether it’s dehydration, fine lines, dark spots or puffiness, this is where you can target results by concern: with your super serum treatments. Your skin is feeling deeply cleansed and buffed from Step 1 & Step 2. Apply your eye treatment followed by application the face, just don’t forget your jawline, neck, décolletage and even continue to shoulders. (Bonus tip: you can even treat the backs of hands)

  1. Protect

Let’s lock it all in. Pick your preferred moisturizer.  You’ve done all the hard work and now let’s seal the skincare deal. As always, your morning routine should be completed by a SPF to protect and fend off the daily devil in disguise, remember the sun is the #1 aggressor!

How are you feeling? Confident enough to go forth: cleanse, exfoliate, treat and protect. Do this the right way daily, and your skin will not only love you, you’ll face each new day with a fabulous, glowing complexion.

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