Skin Talk: Glam Dr. Mona Khan

Ride or die. That’s how Glam Dr. Mona Khan describes her status with our skincare. A woman who can seemingly do it all (she’s a OBGYN Physician, a beauty blogger and Youtube star!), reveals just why our doctor changed her skin forever …

How did you get to know Dr. Dennis Gross?

I had seen the skincare line mentioned in many different high fashion and beauty magazines for years before I started using it myself. I also read many articles Dr. Gross was featured in and was aware this was a highly recommended award-winning brand. However, it wasn’t until I saw my friend, Kaitlin’s skin, in January 2016, that I really wanted to learn more. Her skin looked flawless, so I asked her if she was using a new foundation. She said, “No! It’s all Dr. Dennis Gross. You have to try it! It’s the best!”

A few years ago, I finally won my battle with acne and had been on the hunt for a skincare regimen to help resurface my acne scars while still providing anti-aging benefits as well. It just so happened that Dr. Dennis Gross himself and his wife Carrie, were going to be teaching a Nordstrom ‘Masterclass’ in Chicago. I knew I had to go! I booked my ticket from NYC to attend and it was the best skincare masterclass I have ever been to. I have been attending skincare masterclasses for years, but I never learned as much as I did with Carrie and Dr. Gross. I felt like I was back in medical school listening to a lecture. It was extremely informative and interesting! I made sure to take lots of notes!!!

What was the biggest change you’ve seen in your skin?

The biggest change I’ve seen is in regards to my acne scars are fading fast and how radiant my skin looks. People tell me all the time my face is glowing and that it looks like I’m wearing foundation when I’m not wearing any at all. The Alpha Beta Peels, Ferulic + Retinol line, Medi-Spa Peel & Triple C Peptide Firming Oil have helped my skin build more collagen, which has helped resurface my acne scars and give my skin a smoother appearance. My makeup goes on better and now my skin looks flawless! I cannot tell you how much this has helped improve my confidence. #iwokeuplikethis #nofilterneeded #nomakeupselfie

When was your ‘AHA’ moment using DG?

It was during the masterclass. Listening to Dr. Gross explain the philosophy of his brand and explain the science behind each product; I knew I had to start using his products. You can really tell he is passionate about his brand and really wants to help each person have the best skin they can. I also had a chance to try out the Medi Spa Peel when I was there, and I saw my acne scars start to improve right before my eyes. It was amazing! Actually it was magical! Instant love and instant gratification! What more can a girl ask for?

Do you have a ‘can’t live without’ product?

I can’t imagine ever going back to another skincare line! I don’t think I can live without any of the products I already use: Alpha Beta Peels, Ferulic + Retinol line, Medi-Spa Peel & Triple C Peptide Firming Oil. I’m hooked!

Describe your thoughts on DG in 5 words.

Effective. Efficient. Immediate. Medically-based.

Are you surprised by anything? With results or any product.

Yes, I was very surprised at how well the Ferulic + Retinol Fortifying Neck Emulsion worked on firming and improving the contour of my neck. I think everyone has a little bit of a neck drooping that starts as we age, but this product completely eliminated my “droopage” and did it quickly! I included the Neck Emulsion in my March 2016 Monthly Favorites YouTube video because I really think it is a Breakthrough Product! When women ask me what I think is a must-have in the Dr. Dennis Gross line, I always mention this product.

Would you call yourself a committed peel addict?

Absolutely! Ride or Die status! Holy grail products! No question about that! Love Dr. Gross and excited to see what else his genius mind comes up with in the future!!!

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