Dear Skin Diary: Julian from A Good Man

He’s a man about town, a New York stylist who always puts ‘quality over quantity’ when it comes to style, health and the good things in life. So, what’s the problem? Like most men, Julian Burak, Founder of A Good Man, doesn’t have a skincare regimen. Arming Julian’s vanity with Dr. Dennis Gross, we enlisted this total ‘peel virgin’ to document his seven-day skincare journey, this is what happened …


What do I think a peel is? Well, it’s meant to make me look pretty! Haha. Maybe it’s a super cleanser? I think it’s meant to strip out the bad and cleanse deep in the pores. I think…. something like that. I haven’t peeled before. I didn’t know this is something that I needed for my skin. I guess it is. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll let you know. My skin is what I think is normal – but that probably means dirty. Haha. As for any concerns, I ask myself: Will my face fall off? Only joking. I just hope I can keep up with the routine, that’s probably my only concern.

Day 1

Cleanse, done. Then I peeled with those little square pads. Straight away my skin feels lighter and tighter. Something was happening, it tingled but didn’t sting. My skin was a little red but I think it’s just my getting used to the peel. I think it’s getting the job done – ‘exfoliating’ the crap out of my skin at a microscopic level? If the doctor says so, I do so! The moisturizer was super nice, creamy but not oily. Okay, this is easy.

Day 2

Woke up and skin feels good today.  Surprised not to see any redness, I assumed at least that would happen! Not much of a change from the first day. Skin still feels lighter, still feels like I’m maintaining the cleanliness. That sounds so weird, the idea around ‘cleanliness’ of my skin. I did the same again: washed my face, peeled and moisturized. Goodnight!

Day 3

I’m drunk and feel like Patrick Bateman. No regimen for me today. Sorry Dr. G! (I wrote this on Day 4)

 Day 4

I’m beginning to enjoy the routine. After a day out in NYC it’s nice to feel refreshed. My skin looks like it has a nice glow to it but not as good as a pregnant woman’s glow! My girlfriend commented that my skin did look better than before. I asked her what it ‘looked like’ before? She said it just looks brighter. I’m confused BUT I’m liking how it feels. Not so clogged up.

Day 5

I actually took another night off and forgot to peel. This time was different, I guess I got emotional because I didn’t like not having done it when I woke up. Felt better than I did before I started but not as great if I was to properly clean my face the night before. Lesson learned.

Day 6

Back in the game and feeling great. It’s not a conversation I would normally have but because I am doing it and am talking about it, people have been noticing my skin looks good. I can feel it looking better. I feel healthier.

Day 7

It’s ‘DG Day’! Get it? Haha. Even though my ‘skincare journal’ is over, I’m totally into this taking care of my skin thing. I admit that Day 4 was when I really enjoyed the routine of cleansing (who am I?) and noticed a difference both in look and feel, like a baby’s bottom!


My pores aren’t as prominent and my skin looks much healthier. I feel better and happier, how weird is that!?! Healthy skin can make a big difference to how you feel. I never thought of it like that.  I’m surprised how it’s super easy and super effective. I thought it would be a pain but it’s ritualistic nature is nice, three products are easy to remember: wash face, peel face, moisturize face. Doing this is a good balance to my nightly routines. I’m still going to continue with it, so thank you Dr. Gross! I’m a changed man. Now, I just gotta keep my girlfriend away from my stash!

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