How To Use Skincare Like A Man

With a nod to Don Draper’s grooming efforts, we catch up with the dapper John Krites, our South & West Coast Manager who consults men every day and teaches them the significance of good skincare. And why a lone star moisturizer needs buddies to defy dryness and razor bumps.

What are the most common mistakes (or horrors!) you see men make with skincare?

Thinking that they don’t need to wash their face – WRONG!  Cleansing is the most important part of any skincare routine; it is the equivalent of stretching before lifting weights at the gym. You can’t achieve your desired results if you don’t warm up your muscles – It’s the same when it comes to washing your face gentlemen! You need to remove all of the dirt, oil and toxins, so all of your other skincare products can perform their job.

Are you seeing attitudes change with men & grooming?

Definitely! Men are asking more questions about what products they should be using, and are much more receptive to exfoliating, moisturizing and using an eye cream. The number one question I always get is, “Do I really need an eye cream or can I just use my moisturizer?” and my response is YES you need an eye cream and NO you should never use a facial moisturizer around the fragile eye area. Once you explain how thin the skin is and that they need a product that has been specifically designed for the area, they understand. I always recommend Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum because it has three actions: firming, smoothing and brightening

How does men’s skin differ from women’s skin?

It surely does. Men have thicker, oilier skin, and we have the ability to exfoliate every time we shave where women don’t. Most people don’t know that exfoliating is a big part of keeping the skin looking smoother and younger. That is why a gentle chemical exfoliant like the Alpha Beta Daily Peel is so important in every person’s skincare routine, including men!

What are the major skin concerns you see when helping men improve their skin?

I call it D2 skin: dehydrated and dull. The easiest way to remedy D2 skin is to introduce an exfoliating system and a retinol based serum. They usually have some type of moisturizer already, but skin always needs to be prepped before moisturizing.

With skin in mind, is there a ‘best way’ to shave?

A common mistake men make when shaving is rinsing their razor in hot water which heats up the blades and causes skin irritation. You should always rinse your blade in luke-warm water to minimize razor burn. The best time to shave is actually in the shower, when hair is soft and the skin is supple in order to help reduce ingrown hairs. To ease post-shave bumps and redness, I always suggest to follow with an oil-free moisturizer, this will help prevent clogged oil glands and reduce any irritation.

Can you recommend an ideal daily regimen for the non-fuss male?

  1. CleanseAll In One Cleansing Foam – great in the shower, and easy to use; never leaves a soap film on the face
  2. ExfoliateAlpha Beta Daily Peel – extra strength peel is ideal for most men, especially since our skin is thicker and oilier it is a great way to prevent breakouts and in-grown hairs after shaving
  3. MoisturizeHydra Pure Oil-Free Moisturizer – a light-weight, non-greasy formula that hydrates; great for calming “razor burn” with a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants
  4. ProtectDark Spot Sun Defense SPF 50 – defends your face, neck, ears and even under eyes with no irritating chemicals, just natural minerals like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide

Tell us, what does your daily skincare regimen look like? And explain why, any favorites to note.

My daily routine is a bit involved, and worth every minute! Great skin takes effort, just like all thing worthwhile! Over the past four and a half years I have worked at Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, where my skin has seen tremendous changes. Because of that, I’m willing to take the extra time. I know I’ll see the results.

Here is my morning routine before I face the world:

  1. All In One Cleansing Foam – for obvious important reasons
  2. Alpha Beta Daily Peel, extra strength version – this is an essential step
  3. Ferulic + Retinol Brightening Solution – must-have for serious anti-aging
  4. Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster – a lightweight serum for added antioxidants
  5. Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum – can’t live without
  6. Hydra Pure Oil-Free Moisture – if you’re oily, combination skin or want a light-weight moisturizer look no further
  7. Dark Spot Sun Defense SPF 50 – I usually mix the SPF with my oil-free moisturizer to save an additional step

What are the basic ‘how to’ rules men should follow when shopping for skincare?

It is truly a simple approach that Dr. Gross taught me: you must exfoliate, use retinol and wear sunscreen everyday. If you follow that prescription, you’ll ward of the crypt keeper.

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