Why Peel Isn’t A Scary Word

“Don’t let peels scare you. The days of the ‘Sex And The City’ peel are over,” Dr. Dennis Gross declares.

Peel Fear Factor: 10

Images of red raw, dry, flakey skin might come to mind when the word ‘peel’ is uttered. This is one of the biggest misconceptions in our beauty age. Are you listening Samantha Jones?

Not only should you always choose chemical exfoliators over gritty manual scrubs, you should know that ‘acid peels’ can be mild enough to be used daily.  When combined as a super effective formula, much like our iconic Alpha Beta Daily Peels, peels are a controlled and ultra effective step that everyone should be doing, just like brushing your teeth!

Peel Fear Factor: 7.2

We still hear your hesitation (even though your skin says gimme!), so let’s break it down for you.

How do they actually work?  Without getting too textbook heavy, the two-step system resurfaces skin, hydrates and super boosts cell renewal. This basically mean the acids are working to balance your skin’s PH, so it can show off its natural, dewy radiance.

Step One: Exfoliate. The aim is to shed old surface skin, so the powerful acids work hard to remove dead skin sitting on the top layer of your face and banish any nuisances like bumpiness, dark spots and oiliness (goodbye blackheads or enlarged pores)!

Step Two: Elevate. The second phase is all about locking in the good stuff and keeping your skin calm, balanced and feeling super nourished. The best thing about step two is ‘good for you’ nourishing ingredients, plus prepping skin for anti-aging serums and moisturizers. It’s kind of like the icing on the cake (aka. Step One)!

Peel Fear Factor: 3.1

When should you use it? Every day! Yes, daily. Because like all transformative anti-aging habits, consistency is key. Peel morning or night, after you cleanse (warning: do not skip washing your face) and follow up with a serum or moisturizer.

It’s time to brag!  Noted fans (who have no fear, just glowy dewy skin) include the likes of Olivia Palermo, Chrissy Teigan, Zoe Kravtiz and Selena Gomez. They all swear by the power of our peel.

A skincare tribe like no other, ‘peel addicts’ are a thing! Because someone, somewhere is ‘peeling’ every 3 seconds using our best-selling game changer!

Peel Fear Factor: 0

So now you can use an acid peel a day to keep fine lines at bay! As for Samantha Jones, say goodbye to wearing that that beekeeper hat indoors! No downtime, no redness – only fresh faced radiance awaits, and of course, a Cosmo or two!

VIDEO: How To Peel Properly, click here to watch.

WIN: Peel virgin? For your chance to WIN, take home and try the Alpha Beta Daily Peel of your choice (Ultra Gentle, Universal or Extra Strength), tell us:

What is your ‘peel fear factor’, what makes you feel scared and why are you willing to become a ‘peel addict’?  

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  • My fear is that with the peel will go my skin! But I’m willing to try because the skin always needs a push to feel and look better!

  • First of all I love your products Dr,DG. I swear by the vitamin c and peptide serum oil! Always wanted to try your peel pads but I guess I’m just scared that they would make my face raw and red as I have super thin skin! I tried alpha h liquid gold by alpha h skincare and it did give me some good result but it smells of alcohol and I’m just scared that it would damage my skin in the long my run, and makes it more sensitive but I see people rave about your peel pads so I really wanna give them a go and eventually become one of those “peel addicts” so if I were lucky enough for this giveaway I wish you peel pads would Make my skin healthy and glowy like nobody’s business! Fingers crossed for me! Thank you Dr. DG!

  • I’m willing to be a peel addict because I’m a skincare junkie and I will stop at nothing for great skin!

  • I have very sensitive skin so I thought a peel may leave it red and irritated, only enhancing my problems instead of fixing them. In the past couple years, I have developed really bad hyper pigmentation on my forehead, upper lip and chin. I have tried many creams but nothing seems to work. I have just started using your retinol overnight recovery cream so I’m hoping that will help! But I feel that becoming a peel addict could be my solution to fixing my skin issue!

  • I would love to win one because I know how superior Dr. Gross’s producs are and have read a lot of excellent review on his Alpa beta peel. When I love it I will not stop using it as I will be addicted to how good y skin looks and feels.

  • My peel fear factor is over processing my acne prone skin. I’ve used many products with little to no results. I’m willing to use these peel pads to balance out my skin and hopefully reduce my dark spots!

  • I’m probably the 7.2 level. I’ll get an eczema flare up on my face if I’m too harsh with my skin, but I do exfoliate with a jojoba bead exfoliant (contains fruit acids too) twice a week, which seems to work okay so far. I’m definitely hesitant to do a daily peel, so I’d probably want the Ultra Gentle level.

  • My peel fear factor is 0 🙂 However, there is so much talk about over-using acids and this is what I am afraid of. I am afraid I may not recognize the signs of overexfoliation or mistake them for something else. I am also afraid of using the wrong type of acid. I like glycolic – it seems to have an instant effect on me but it seems that people treat that as a lower grade acid?! In any case, there seems to be an overwhelming consensus of the awesomeness of Dr Dennis Gross peels and I would love to get a chance to try them!

  • My peel fear factor is ZERO!! I am just about to finish my first box of the alpha beta extra strength daily peel and so far I love them! I am alternating every other night with Retin-A and and hoping for smoother more even toned skin soon. I have very large pores that are hard to decongest, I hope Dr Dennis Gross is my answer!

  • My peel fear factor is 3 – I am afraid of using peels everyday. But I would like to become peel addict to prevent wrinkles and have glowing skin.

  • My peel fear factor is 3 – I am afraid of using peels everyday. But I would like to become a peel addict to prevent wrinkles and have glowing skin.

  • Skin aging is the most scary thing for me! I am willing to use peels to prevent any skin aging signs!

  • To be honest my “peel fear factor” was: Is it going to actually work and do everything it said that it would do because I had been trying for so long to find skincare products that would actually have a difference that I could see and feel. Then I found Dr. Dennis Gross on Instagram, signed up for his emails, did some research and gave them a try with his Alpha Beta Peel Starter Set and the only word that comes to mind is Magic! From the first peel I could see and feel a difference and I’ve been a “peel addict” ever since and will never go back because my skin for turning 45 has never looked and felt better!

  • My fear is only that in the long run my skin would thin?
    But I love your products and use a lot of them!

  • Just received your new Retinol and Ferulic acid peel .love,love! Am 64 with rosacea though the skin reddens it dissipates by the morning. Now I’m anxious to try otherDr. Gross’ products. Skin looks and feels great. Thank you.

  • I used to be terrified of peels because of what happened to Samantha Jones’ skin. It looked so painful and I didn’t want my skin to be seared off. But I have tried Dr G’s Extra Strength peel pads, and I am addicted. I haven’t bought any in awhile due to tight finances, but I love love love the Extra Strength peel pads. I love the way they reveal fresher better skin. I am addicted. Thank you for the great peels, Dr G.

  • My fear is over-irritating my skin! Don’t need to add anymore redness to my complexion. But I hear all sorts of amazing testaments that I’m willing to get past my fear!

  • I’m scared of peels because I think my skin will be damaged! I have sensitive skin and I’m just scared the sensitive areas will be burned. If Dr. Gross says these
    Peels are good and there’s no downtime. I willing to become an addict!

  • As a woman with brown skin my biggest “peel fear factor” is that a peel will cause more damage than harm, as some can for women of color. I also suffer from pigmentation issues and discoloration on my face so this is the key reason I am willing to become a “peel addict” and I hope I win this generous and amazing giveaway. Thank you!

  • My peel fear factor is a allergic reaction messing my face up! Good news got free sample from Sephora and I loved it and now it’s part of my beauty routine ❤️ It!

  • I am scared of damaging my skin. It is pretty sensitive and irritating it more sounds like something I don’t want to chance most of the time.

  • My only fear is an initial breakout or irritation! But I’d be willing to stick with a daily peel if I could see improvement in texture, tone and congested pores! Ooooh, I’d love to win!

  • Wow. Would love to win 🙂 my peel fear factor is my sensitive skin reacting to a chemical peel – turning me tomato red! Having read the blog, watched the video and been following on Instagram I trust that these are amazingingly hydrating and super enriched with moisturisers and would therefore give these a go to become a peel addict !

  • I’m naturally dark completed, having olive undertones, and tan very easily even with the use of sunscreen. My peel fear factor is causing hyperpigmentation. Now that I’m becoming better educated in skincare I’m willing to become a peel addict to take my skincare routine to the next level and get into a good habit for lifelong beautiful and healthy skin!

  • My fear during the sunny months is the fact that even with reasonable spf my face will burn by the all the sun

  • My peel fear factor is a 8.5! I’m terrified of the acid overworking my sensitive skin and leaving it red raw. I’ve had bad experiences in the past with exfoliators and am looking for something gentle but effective for my daily routine.

  • My fear was that I would get flaky skin that make up would just make look worse. Actually I’m starting to realise that acids have the opposite effect and can make skin flakiness a thing of the past

  • My fear is irritating my skin as it is sensitive. And I’m willing to become a peel addict because I want my skin to look it’s best and slow down signs of aging and to have a glow to my skin and get rid of the dullness! And I love Dr.Dennis Gross skincare products and know he only provides the best for his clients.

  • Im scared that my skin will become red and irritated, but i need to find a product that will better my skin.

  • I’m afraid it will peel too much off my face! It can also be expensive and it’s difficult to determine its a good value if you’ve never done it before. Would love to try the regular or extra strength! They feel affordable and everyone raves about them.

  • My peel fear is over drying my skin even though it’s oily. I’ve been trying many acid exfoliaters but they temporarily make my skin smooth and after a few uses it’s dry and rough! Not what Im going for!Your peels are iconic in the skincare world would LOVE to try!

  • My peel fear is making my skin red and inflamed. But my acne scarring is terrible and need to do something about it. I’ve heard great things about your brand and would love to try my first peel!

  • My peel fear factor is a 1 for the Extra Strength. I use the Universal and absolutely love them! I am a little scared to go stronger but I want too!

  • My fear isn’t skin will look like a molting snake and it will hurt! Would love to try the extra strength.

  • The only fear I have is the price & liking them. I have tried some other products and love them. Why I am willing to be an addict , would love to get some lines and spots off my face.

  • My peel factor is a 4. I am afraid it will dry out my already dry skin and may cause irritation and redness

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