Skin Talk: Courtney Brooks from 900 5th Dermatology

We talked with a true goddess of glow Courtney Brooks, our doctor’s right-hand-woman at his New York City practice as Coordinator of Aesthetics, an expert aesthetician. She reveals her can’t-live-withouts and the fact that she has superpowers when it comes to transforming skin.

What do you love most about skincare?

I love that skincare has the ability to positively change someone’s life! In my job especially, I am able to make someone feel better about themselves and make them more confident ~ total superpower!

Being under this wing for several years, what has Dr. Gross taught you?

Dr. Gross is absolutely brilliant and I am so honored to work with him everyday. He has taught me so much, and has really shaped the way I approach skincare.

Something very important that he has taught me is that not every exciting new trend or new ingredient is the answer, but rather to better understand the skin and treat with knowledge and of course, in innovative ways! Dr. Gross will do huge amounts of research into new lasers and new product ideas before they are available to patients. He’s truly on the cutting-edge of what’s happening in the medical community. I am so proud to be able to share this when working with our clients.

Tell us your game-changing products and why?

I am completely obsessed with all things beauty and would admit to using approximately 1,000 products daily (if I could)! But when asked my game changers, two come to mind: Alpha Beta Medi-Spa Peel and the Alpha Beta Glow Pads. Why?

The Medi-Spa Peel is my go-to “I need radiance now” product! Before an event, a date, a meeting, a trip, I can always ensure that my skin will have more life to it immediately. Compliments are guaranteed and we all know that being told you have beautiful skin is the ultimate flattery! I am bias after all.

And, the Alpha Beta Glow Pads are a must.  Being on the fairer side (and knowing how harmful sun exposure can be) I have tried endless self tanning products. Dr. Gross’s glow pads are far above the rest. With Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids in the ingredients, as they help to gently exfoliate and smooth the skin which gives you that natural glow. AMAZING! … and no breakouts, which is key.

Here’s a peek at my indulgent Sunday night routine:

  1. Cleanse to remove the day’s dirt and makeup! This is essential.
  2. Medi- Spa Peel Pad for exfoliation, use this once a week to boost cellular turnover and stimulate collagen.
  3. Alpha Beta Glow Pad for an even, natural glow with the anti-aging benefits of antioxidants.
  4. Firming Peptide Milk is a super lightweight emulsion to firm and lift, especially when dehydrated.
  5. Hyaluronic Moisture Cushion is the dreamiest oil-free moisturizer, to finish and seal it all in!

And you will wake up with a gorgeous, even, natural radiance!

What’s the one tip you always tell people when looking after their skin?

Consistency with at-home skincare is SO important! Getting into a good rhythm with your daily regimen is essential to get the most out of the ingredients!  And, of course, daily SPF is a must.

There’s no doubt you’re a peel addict, can you tell us your habits?

I am most definitely 110% peel addict, no question.  My peel habits start with a monthly in-office professional peel and continue with daily use of the Universal Alpha Beta Daily Peel and of course my favorite weekly Medi-Spa Peel.  If I can find a little down-time I always love a professional retinol peel after the summer to help with any melasma, dark spots or pigmentation that may have popped up during the sunnier months.


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