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Skincare can be frustrating, but it’s worth it. Why? Patricia patiently practices what she preaches, and the results are life changing. A skincare junkie and serious peel addict, this beauty blogger tells us why her mother’s good habits rubbed off on her.

How did you learn about our brand?

I was very interested in skincare at a young age. I grew up watching my mom take good care of her skin and always making time each morning and each night for her routine, even though I didn’t understand exactly why! As a result, in my late teens, I found myself at Sephora most of the time. That’s where I discovered Dr. Dennis Gross!

Why do you love beauty and more importantly, skincare?

I strongly believe that if you invest in good skincare, the better habits you develop and the more time you make to make sure your skin is well taken care of, the less you’ll have to spend on makeup. If your acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, texture, dryness, or other skin issues are well handled, you’ll feel less inclined to go for full coverage foundations and opt for lighter formulas, making the finish much more natural. I am very passionate about skincare because I’ve seen the results. It’s like when you have a few extra pounds you’re unhappy with your body, so you start working out. It’s a gradual process, hence there can be frustrating times, even times when you think you won’t fully “make it”, but once you start seeing the results, that’s really the best motivation you can get. It’s the same thing with skincare. Once you invest, the results can be life-changing. For me, I’m so comfortable in my own skin now, I don’t even wear foundation most days because I am so happy with the way my skin looks.  

What’s your #1 tip for creating good skin habits?

You must do it for yourself, not for the beauty industry or the way you look on social media! There has to be a genuine desire to learn good skin habits and keep them.

What was the biggest change you’ve seen in your skin?

My skin is now even-toned and feels extremely smooth. My pores are barely noticeable and I break out less often. I’m turning twenty-seven this year and I feel like I actually look younger. 

Would you call yourself a peel addict?

Absolutely. I simply cannot be without them. I make time every single night to diligently take care of my skin. I sit on my bed, put on a show and start with a peel right after cleansing. If I don’t do this, it shows on my skin the day after. Using the peels daily gives me an instant radiance and a smoother appearance. 

What’s your ‘can’t live without’ product?

This is a very hard question! I can’t choose one, I definitely have to go with the Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength and the Medi Spa Peels. When I started using the Alpha Beta Peels three years ago, I would just use them three times a week instead of everyday because I was scared it would be too much for my skin. I had a major depressive relapse two months ago and consequently, my skin reacted terribly. I had acne on my forehead and on my jawline. I stopped taking pictures for social media and felt too self-conscious to film YouTube videos. I took the plunge and upped my Extra Strength Peels to using them six nights a week and the Medi Spa Peels on day seven. The acne didn’t go away overnight (obviously!) but each week I’d see impressive results, to the point where all my spots dried and thanks to the exfoliation properties, my post-acne marks faded too! I can’t believe how great my skin looks now. I feel much more self-confident and tend to go makeup-free most days.

How would you describe Dr. Dennis Gross?

Genius, scientific, genuine, effective, life-changing. 

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