How To: Cleanse Properly And Why It Transforms Your Anti-Aging Results

Let’s get to the point. Cleansing is crucial to your anti-aging results. Every day our skin is exposed to environmental aggressors and toxins in the form of pollution, and of course, makeup. That’s why rinsing away the day’s dirt is the first important step to prevent wrinkles, enlarged pores and clogged skin.  Plus, a clean canvas allows for your skincare ingredients to seep in easily and amp up their anti-aging powers!

Ingredient Goals

Look for a cleanser that contains the best ingredients for a proper clean, like antioxidants (Green Tea Extract) to protect against free radicals, Salicylic Acid to help clear pores, or Witch Hazel which acts as a natural astringent.  If the right ingredients are listed on the label, the quality cleanse will be guaranteed. Kapeesh!

Technique Touchdown

Using luke-warm water (because it’s more gentle that hot!), lather a dime-size amount of cleanser in dry hands and apply to dry skin (fact: water can act as a barrier!), it will bind more effectively to the dirt and oil molecules. Don’t forget to lather temples, bridge of nose, hairline, and jawline – as these are common areas of the face forgotten. Rinse and towel pat dry.

Our doctor recommends to cleanse twice a day, but cleansing in the PM is most important! The shower is also the perfect time to massage cleanser into skin, the pores are opened up by the steam.

Foul Play

One of the biggest mistakes women make is not properly removing makeup before bed. Tsk, tsk! It is best to break this habit sooner rather than later. Why? Skip a night and you’ll will wake up with at least one zit within the next month, oh the horror! One should always remove ALL makeup before going to bed at night. Leaving makeup on the skin stretches the pores, a dreaded sign of aging!

Moral of the story? Cleanse forevermore. Before you peel or apply with a serum and moisturizer, you must cleanse first. It is the most critical step to pave your way to flawless skin.

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