Skin Talk: Khoren From Dr. Dennis Gross

In our world, Khoren (who is our Mid-West & East Coast Sales Manager USA) is known as the ‘Double Peel King’, because as you guessed it, he loves to peel morning and night or whenever he gets the chance (hello, lunch break)! We catch up with him and talk all things skincare obsessed.


How did you discover our brand?

I have been using the daily Peel Pads  for 13 years and I first came to discover Dr. Dennis Gross at Macy’s in Fresno California where I grew up. I was in the store shopping with my sister and there was a lady who approached us and booked us for a ‘professional peel event’ they were having that weekend. Needless to say we purchased the Alpha Beta Peel Pads and they have not left my daily skincare regimen for over a decade.

Even years later and up to this day, this brand was part of my regimen and the daily peel pads are like brushing my teeth every morning. A MUST!

What was the biggest change you’ve seen in your skin?

The beauty with the Peel Pads is that your skin continues to see the visible results, day after day!  What is so amazing is that my skin has become brighter and it maintains its luster. If I do not peel daily you can see the difference in my skin!

I am in the cosmetics industry so I am always curious about other skincare lines and all of the hype, so I try them out. As they say ‘curiosity killed the cat’, but nothing has ever been good enough for me to stay away from good ol’ faithful Dr. Gross.

Would you call yourself a peel addict?

Call me a lifer. It’s been 13 years and counting, I would say peel addict is an understatement. I would definitely add devotee, habitué, junkie, fanatic…

Are you surprised by anything?

I wouldn’t call it a surprise, I just KNOW that I will always get the results that I wish and hope for.

If I have to choose one product that surprised me, that would be the Dark Spot Sun Defense Sunscreen, while I know the importance of sunscreen, I am not the biggest sunscreen fan. Most sunscreens are heavy and they make me look purple, not this one! It protects my skin and has amazing treatment benefits with Vitamin C and melatonin complex that helps my skin to not look like a leopard! It’s all about protection from future damage, whilst repairing past sins.

When was your ‘AHA’ moment?

If you look at the photos above, you will see a photo of me at 27 with black hair and right next to it my photo 13 years later at 40 with salt and pepper hair. My ‘AHA’ moment happened when I came across my 27-year-old selfie, the only thing that has changed is my hair. The proof is in the pudding they say, well I say the proof is on my skin!!!

 Do you have a ‘can’t live without product’?

If you are going to make me choose one product, that’s not going to happen. I know if I end up on a deserted island I will have a dopp kit filled with Peel Pads, Medi-Spa Peel, Wrinkle Recovery Pads, the Overnight Serum and Dark Spot Sun Defense. And I CANNOT live without Brightening Serum.

 I will happily grab my dopp kit over a floating life saver, I am not going to look like Chuck Noland when help finally arrives.

Describe your feelings on DG skincare in 5 words.

Valuable, effortless, results, brilliant, ultimate.

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  • Great article!! Makes me want to peel daily, use Dark Spot sunscreen every day, and buy some wrinkle pads. You look especially great!!! Thanks for your article, The younger picture of you didn’t show on this article, but I am sure you look the same.

    • Thank you Ione! You can see Khoren’s younger self, simply click the arrows across just located under the right side of the photos.

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