Color Correction Matters For Instant Results

Pesky dark spots, blotchy redness or a certain dullness to your skin? If your skin (like most of us) suffers from one or all three of these problems despite good skincare habits and healthy diets, listen up!

Ever heard of ‘color correction’ technology? If not, we have we good news for you and your complexion.

Without getting too heavy on the science, color correction technology uses opposite, yet complementary colors to neutralize and magically disguise the problematic discolorations that you want to hide. For example, green pigments hide redness to brighten skin, dark purple circles are lightened by yellow pigments and so on!

When it comes to coverage, foundations and concealers consist of a white base with black, red, and yellow pigments in various ratios. They are created in a range of base shades, designed to match skin tones, from the fairest to darkest of faces.

We know that many women don’t like wearing heavy duty foundation (especially when your skin is great most of the time!), yet still want the confidence of coverage and glow. A common mistake that women make to cover redness, discoloration or dullness is to layer on more foundation. The trick is to neutralize or cancel out the issue using color know-how, rather than cake it up with make up!

Our newest hero, the tinted SPF Instant Radiance features Color Correcting Technology, but the difference is that it’s super lightweight and blend-able. Our Color Correcting Technology blend contains green pigments and mica combined into the advanced formula. Mica is a special illuminate mineral, crushed into a fine uniform powder.  It has light reflecting properties and a natural glow to it.

The result? No more fear of dark spots or stubborn redness. Expect radiant, balanced, flawless skin with the help of color correcting technology.

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