Skin Talk: Corrine from Necessary Nothings

She thought she had her skincare regimen sorted, until one fateful day she met Dr. Dennis Gross. And, we can confidently declare her skin has never been the same again …

We catch up with lifestyle blogger Corrine from Necessary Nothings and talk everything skin: from what’s on her vanity topshelf to those little dry patch nuances she can’t seem to treat! Until now.

What do you look for in good skincare?

The older I get the more simplified I want my routine to be. I need products that work well and aren’t too complicated, but that perform on a variety of fronts. Something like the radiance booster is ideal because it’s such a versatile product, which makes it amazing for daily use and simplifying when it comes to travel. 

Had you peeled before?

Yes! I can’t skip chemical exfoliators because they are what help to keep my skin clear and bright. 

Did you have any skin concerns?

I have combination skin, so I can be dry in areas and oil in the t-zone. I’m always looking for products that give me moisture while managing to sink in completely. This is why I seriously love the moisture cushion. It makes my skin feel so fresh and comfortable post-use. 

When was your ‘AHA’ moment?

The overnight serum works like magic overnight. I noticed my skin feeling much more plump in one night, and of course, over the course of a month the results are even better. I’ve noticed smoother, brighter, and firmer skin.

What was the biggest change you’ve seen when using our skincare? 

I think the texture of my skin has changed a lot thanks to the peel pads and the overnight serum. It’s really quite amazing, the results I’ve seen in the smoothing of my skin.

Are you surprised by anything?

I like to experiment. I discovered how great the radiance booster works mixed in with foundation. I like to add about two drops to help sheer out foundations and also, because this way my foundation is actually doing something good for my skin. So amazing!

Would you call yourself a peel addict?

For sure! I can’t go without using these multiple times a week. I notice a difference in my skin when I go too long between treatments. These help keep my skin clear and pores unclogged thanks to the fact that it removes dead skin. 

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  • I absolutely love skincare products and everything skin related . I love this skincare line but at the same time I made a huge mistake. I’ve always used my Clarisonic and I thought that was enough exfoliating but then read about your peel and went online to QVC and bought your peel pads and that was my huge mistake. For one week my face was bright red and looked horrible. Won’t be using that again. Very disappointed.

    • We’re sorry to hear that Daniel! This doesn’t usually happen, which peel was it? You may allergic to an ingredient or perhaps you have sensitized skin. Please feel to reach out to our client care team for more information: [email protected]

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