Easy Tips To Get Your Best Beauty Sleep

Even though we are skincare devotees here at Clementine Daily, there are many topics that still elude us when it comes to caring for and replenishing our largest organ, our skin. What we are intrigued by is this idea of ‘beauty sleep’.

The amount information is ever changing, and at times overwhelming:

How often should we be exfoliating?  Do you need a serum and a moisturizer?  Do silk pillowcase really work in helping to avoid fine lines and wrinkles? The list, it seems, goes on and on …

Did you know there’s a magic hour for skin repair?

From 11 PM to midnight, the regeneration process peaks whether you’re asleep or not! This means you are serving both your skin and maximizing the benefit of any overnight product when you apply before 11 pm.

It’s true – Skin absorbs nutrients & vitamins better while you sleep.

It’s important to deliver the skin its nutrients when it needs it most, which happens to be at night. So slather on your Vitamin A, B and C, and your favorite overnight serum – these formulas are designed to optimize during this pivotal repair time.

Skin is thirsty, especially at night.

As you sleep, water loss is also happening because the immune system is in overdrive for cell renewal. How do you prevent the damage of dehydration? A stellar night cream is key to combat dryness, keep skin moisturized and to help you wake looking rested and refreshed!

Your skin works long and hard!

During the day, your skin is in a protective state, warding off sun damage and pollutants. At night, your skin goes into repair mode, regenerating new skin cells and cycling oxygen and nutrients. Bottom line: your skin works hard for your body! Treat it well; use products that are right for your skin type, and that provide support and protection both day and night – we promise, you will thank us!

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