Powerhouse Peptides Supercharge Your Skin

Skin food: Peptide Firming Milk
Our doctor recently developed a clever little product inspired by the power of peptides. There is obvious power behind this nimble...

Peptides. There is obvious power behind this nimble ingredient. Why? Well, science of course.

As always, our doctor developed a seriously smart product supercharged with peptides.

What are peptides? They are multi-faceted. 

A ‘building block’ protein derivative that firms and tones skin. One important protein in our skin is collagen.

How do peptides ‘communicate’ to skin? They get up close and personal. 

As skincare, they are able to penetrate the top protective layer of skin. Peptides ‘communicate’ on a deeper level to cells, signaling them on how to function.

How do they work? They are connectors. 

Most peptides function as moisture-binding agents and assist in skin repair and renewal.

What makes topical peptides so powerful? They are illusionists. 

Topical peptides can coax skin into building new collagen. As we age collagen depletes and not replaced, leading to wrinkles! Building collagen everyday is our co-founders #1 rule.

It’s true, ‘skin food’ is a thing and peptides are protein. Our silky Firming Peptide Milk nourishes tired-looking, thirty skin. The smooth ‘milk’ formula is a smart hybrid (serum meets moisturizer) with added hydration for more supple, glowing skin.

Have you tried our Peptide Firming Milk? Tell us about your experience!

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